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    In this case, curtains are being used to close off a small living room annex into its own separate space.

    Define smaller spaces to better utilize them

    There are some creative and exciting ways to close off unique or awkward spaces in your home. I’m thinking of areas like transformed front porches, dressing rooms or converted walk-in closets. Let’s examine spaces that are next to a major room but much smaller in size.

    Haley Reinhart performs at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Sunday, Nov. 5.

    Sunday picks: ‘Idol’ vet Haley Reinhart headlines Chicago’s Lincoln Hall

    Wheeling native and “American Idol” veteran Haley Reinhart headlines an intimate concert bill Sunday with Waxworks and Todd Kessler at Lincoln Hall. More on this and other fun events happening today.

    A redbud blooms in spring, about the time bees were beginning to emerge to forage for a new season of honey production. People often overlook trees when planting for pollinators.

    Winter-blooming plants help bees overwinter in your yard

    Winter and early spring are lean times for honeybees as they emerge from their hives, where food supplies are dwindling, to forage. Adding clusters of winter-blooming plants around the yard will give them much needed nourishment.

    The telltale sign of winter’s arrival is those cold mornings when frost forms on leaves and lawns.

    Frost signals time to be cautious with certain plants

    It is best to stay off the lawn when there is frost present. Frost on grass indicates that water inside the blades is frozen, and traffic on the turf can rupture the frozen cells, which can kill or severely stunt the blades.

    The Hulk, left, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Tom Hiddleston as Loki return in "Thor: Ragnarok."

    In $121M debut, 'Thor: Ragnarok' and Disney flex their might

    "Thor: Ragnarok" thundered to one of the year's best box-office debuts, opening with an estimated $121 million in North American theaters.


    Auction house says $700k sale for Prince's guitar a record

    Julien's Auctions says the $700k a buyer paid for a Prince guitar is a record


    Tom Hanks helps with marriage proposal at book festival

    Oscar-winning actor and author Tom Hanks used a Texas Book Festival appearance to help a couple get engaged

    William Petersen, center, rehearses for the world premiere of Tracy Letts’ “The Minutes” alongside Jeff Sill, left, and fellow Steppenwolf Theatre ensemble member Kevin Anderson.

    Steppenwolf’s ‘The Minutes’ is a play of its time

    Steppenwolf Theatre ensemble members William Petersen, Anna D. Shapiro and Ian Barford discuss the upcoming premiere of “The Minutes,” a new, Broadway-bound political satire by Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Letts.

    Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returns in “Thor: Ragnarok.”

    ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ takes what we like about Chris Hemsworth’s hero and kicks it up a notch

    What’s a Ragnarok, you ask? The direct translation might be “Marvel Studios can pretty much do anything they want at this point.” What “Ragnarok” is, it seems, is a thank-you to the comic book-loving fans who have made it possible for Thor to have three movies.

    Woody Harrelson talks about his upcoming film, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.”

    Q&A: Woody Harrelson is ready to tap the brakes

    There are some years when prolific doesn’t begin to describe Woody Harrelson’s output. In the past 12 months, Harrelson has appeared on screen in “The Edge of Seventeen,” “Wilson,” “War for the Planet of the Apes,” “The Glass Castle,” “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and “LBJ.”

    Some older adults discover a sense of purpose from helping take care of grandchildren.

    Retirees with a sense of purpose seem to do better health-wise as they age

    Studies have shown that seniors with a sense of purpose in life are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, disabilities, heart attacks or strokes, and more likely to live longer than people without this kind of underlying motivation.

    FILE - In this May 4, 2015 file photo, Ross Lynch arrives at Paley Center For Media Presents Family Night With "Austin & Ally" in Beverly Hills, Calif. Lynch has taken on one of the toughest film assignments you can get, making a cannibalistic serial killer likable. The “Austin and Ally” star plays Jeffrey Dahmer in “My Friend Dahmer” as a high school student, long before he went on his murderous rampages. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

    Former Disney star Ross Lynch goes very dark in film role

    Former Disney star Ross Lynch has taken on one of the toughest film assignments you can get _ making a cannibalistic serial killer likable in 'My Friend Dahmer'

    An interesting grouping can be a selection of items sorted by a single color.

    There’s an art to creating an enticing vignette

    Organizing your collections is a bit like curating an exhibit. So make it enticing and thought-provoking, so your guest will be entertained.

    Demilune tables were used in small areas such as hallways.

    Demilune table has a bird’s-eye view

    Q. The table in this photo is made of walnut and was given to my mother by a dear friend, who is now 96 years old. So many coats of white paint covered the table that it was not possible to see the eye of the bird. Many of the table’s lovely details were uncovered when my mother refinished it. Could you share any information, history and value about the table?

    Christy Vehrs of Itasca struggles with furniture placement in a room with a fireplace and window on opposite walls.

    Make a room feel larger through design

    Christy Vehrs of Itasca struggles with furniture placement in a room with a fireplace and window on opposite walls.

    Janet Erdei of West Chicago is ready to update her family room after another of life’s changes.

    Home needs update after mother’s passing

    Janet Erdei’s family room suddenly becomes fun and fab with just a few tweaks. It remained unchanged for years to please her mother, who lived with the family.

    The garden of landscape designers Nancy and Pierre Moitrier, in Annapolis, Maryland, is rich with their creative touches, including a tree house built around a sweet gum tree.

    Authentic gardens require long-term devotion

    The Maryland home of Nancy and Pierre Moitrier sits on a flat, one-third-acre lot bounded on two sides by neighborhood roads. The property is lifted out of any ordinariness by the development of an encircling series of garden rooms, shaped, variously, by trees and shrubs, fences, the house itself and modest stone walls. These spaces vary in size and character while creating part of a cohesive whole.


    Insulated shades or curtains help keep cold outside

    Q. I should replace my old windows for winter, but I cannot afford more debt now. Is installing insulating window shades or curtains a viable alternative and which types are best?


    Cover crops protect garden over winter
    Q. Why is the nursery recommending a winter rye or barley for a winter cover crop in my vegetable garden?

    Seed heads provide food for birds that will bring their color and songs to your garden in fall and winter.

    Seed heads give perennials another season of interest

    There are at least three good reasons to leave seed heads standing in the garden instead of cutting them back.


    Don’t let fear of offense overrule parenting questions

    Q. My sons play together really well with our neighbor’s same-age son, at his house and ours. Three weeks back I learned the family owns guns, which the mother claims are stored properly. I could not gather the courage to request further details as I feared sounding impolite and inappropriate. But ever since, it has been eating me up. What do I do?


    How to remove leveling compound under carpet

    My downstairs tenant has moved out and we need to replace the carpet. When I took up a piece of carpet to see what was underneath, I found an old foam pad and, underneath that, something that looks like cement. Our contractor speculated that it could be cement mixed with gypsum. To me, it looks like maybe someone tried to smooth it out with plaster! How do I remove it?

    The Olexa family of North Aurora has updated their new home, but the doors are still problematic.

    Family frustrated with dark, damaged doors

    The Olexa family bought a fixer-upper home recently and have put a lot of work into removing the old pet and smoke smells. The one thing that will bring all their hard work together once and for all is getting new doors.

    Laurie Kane views the “Winter Garden” tree at Treetime Christmas Creations in Lake Barrington.

    Holiday decorations are a scrapbook of our lives

    Christmas is all about tradition. We unpack and reveal each year the items that remind us of wonderful Christmases past. But most of us also try to add one or two new things to our decor in order to change things up and add something that catches our fancy.



    Historical resentments feed conspiratorial atmosphere
    Columnist Georgie Anne Geyer: What we are grappling with are primarily problems of global, historical resentment, leading to an unquenchable thirst for revenge, and to conspiracy on one level or another to achieve it.


    America must recapture its democratic spirit

    Columnist Michael Gerson: At the moment of national testing, President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt it necessary to clarify and reaffirm the transcendent commitments that undergird self-government.


    Goodbye, friend
    A Des Plaines letter to the editor: I’m a longtime reader of the Daily Herald.


    Fight the Asian carp
    A Hoffman Estates letter to the editor: If the Army Corp of Engineers doesn’t fully address the Asian carp infestation of the Great Lakes, a $6 billion water recreation industry will be lost.


    Administration aims to put minority in control
    An Elk Grove Village letter to the editor: Can right-wing political conservatives have it both ways?


    GOP: Win first, consequences later
    A Wheaton letter to the editor: Republicans seem so focused on getting a legislative win that the details and consequences of their “tax reform” bill appear at best secondary.


    Let’s call it a ‘do-little’ Congress
    A Huntley letter to the editor: After nine months, what if anything have we learned about President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress?


    Even in fire pit, don’t burn leaves
    A Wheaton letter to the editor: As autumn chill leads to falling leaves, I will not be burning them in a backyard fire pit like a few of my Wheaton neighbors might do.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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