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    Julianne Moore and Matt Damon star in "Suburbicon."

    Clooney's 'Suburbicon' tanks, 'Saw' sequel No. 1 with $16.3M

    George Clooney's "Suburbicon" notched one of the most dismal wide-release debuts in recent years on a sluggish pre-Halloween weekend where the horror sequel "Jigsaw" topped all releases despite an underperforming debut.


    Getting older by the foot: Common ailments as you age

    Dr. Armen Kelikian, a local foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon, talks with the Daily Herald about common foot issues; new advances in foot procedures; and how to keep your feet healthy.

    Gardner (Matt Damon) and Margaret (Julianne Moore) star in “Suburbicon.”

    ‘Suburbicon’ is the latest film that uses horror to process the realities of 2017

    As a proud member of the Coens’ brothers repertory company, now interpreting their writing for the first time as a director, George Clooney was comfortable with “Suburbicon’s” tonal tightrope. And then everything changed. “While we were shooting Trump got elected, and sort of changed the temperature on the film a little bit,” he said.

    Johnny Pemberton, left, as Max and Desmin Borges as Edgar in “You’re the Worst.”

    How can you tell when it’s time to break up with a beloved TV show?

    How do you know when you’re falling out of love vs. just hitting a rough patch? That’s a big, consequential question, but one that has been plaguing me in a decidedly lower-stakes way during this season of “You’re the Worst,” a comedy about a bunch of deeply messed-up Angelenos that used to be one of my favorite shows on television.

    Night of 1,000 Jack-o’-Lanterns continues at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe through Sunday, Oct. 29.

    Sunday picks: Creative Jack-o’-Lanterns await at Botanic Garden

    Celebrate Halloween by exploring the creative carvings at Night of 1,000 Jack-o’-Lanterns this weekend at the Chicago Botanic Garden. More on this, Marlon Wayans, “Little Shop of Horrors” screenings and more.

    This Chippendale sofa is a 20th-century reproduction.

    Sofa is 20th-century reproduction

    Q. The Sheraton sofa in this photo is over 55 years old. It is 72 inches long, has a camel back with rolled arms and straight legs with spade feet; it is upholstered with the original burgundy silk fabric. What can you tell us about its history and value?

    Each style of interior decor suggests a type of bed covering. For example, a bed in a contemporary design would don a simple, tailored bedspread.

    Your bed should reflect your style choices

    Each style of interior decor suggests a type of bed covering. For example, a bed in a contemporary design would don a simple, tailored bedspread or covering in a bold and textured fabric, and as counterpoint, a bed in a traditional room would use an elaborate spread that is heavily trimmed and made from rich materials.

    Jerry Gilbert was presented with his rebuilt 1939 Ford Deluxe at last weekend’s Early Tin Dusters’ Fall Color Run in Quincy. Family and friends rebuilt it as a surprise to Gilbert.

    Quincy man surprised with rebuilt 1939 Ford Deluxe

    Nearly 20 years ago, Jerry Gilbert of Bloomfield, Iowa, put the keys into the ignition of his recently redone 1939 Ford Deluxe and took it for a drive. Soon after setting out a car crossed the median and struck him head-on.

    Amy Walters runs a small, at-home business from her living room, which has become an office and a playroom for her grandson.

    Busy household leads to packed living room

    Amy Walters of Round Lake recently had 11 people living in her home. Although her lifestyle has returned to a more normal pace, she still has two daughters and a grandson living with her, so the living room could use an update.

    Cindy Lange of Elgin says her living room houses a collection with no matching pieces of furniture.

    Serene, ’70s vibe needs a refresh

    It seems like any odd piece of furniture would find its way into Cindy Lange’s Elgin living room.

    The Youngs’ room suffers from what those in the industry call the blahs, says OHi design consultant Mary Aubry.

    Home entryway lacks organization

    Design help is needed to make this living room and entry to the home more inviting and functional, says Margaret Young of Schaumburg. The living room is terribly outdated and needs furniture and organization.

    Tulips are available in a wide range of colors.

    Plant easy-to-grow bulbs in bare, shaded areas

    Sun-loving annuals and perennials may not be suitable for urban landscapes shaded by mature trees, but many spring-flowering bulbs grow and bloom before the foliage of these trees has emerged. Plant them with shade-loving hostas.

    Wall-to-wall carpeting comes in a multitude of color and pattern combinations.

    Great design built on the solid foundation of exceptional floors

    Every homeowner wants every aspect of their home to be perfect, if at all possible. So they decorate the walls and windows and choose beautiful light fixtures and furnishings. But in order to bring the whole look together, they best not forget their floors.

    In general, plant bulbs at three times the diameter of the bulb.

    Plant spring bulbs in the proper soil

    Proper placement is important for success with spring-flowering bulbs. They prefer moisture in early spring and fall and to be dry in the summer when they are dormant.


    Get those cloves of garlic in the ground now
    Q. Someone said I should plant garlic in October. Isn’t it going to freeze?

    In a compact kitchen, try a narrower island like the one seen here.

    Can you say goodbye to your huge kitchen island?

    Let’s hear it for smaller kitchen islands, please! It is time to dispel the myth that a 5-by-10-foot island is a must-have in every gourmet kitchen worth its salt.


    Move-in stress makes him second-guess the relationship

    Q. My girlfriend and I have been together for almost a year and are moving in together at the end of the month. I’m stressed. ARGH!!!! All I want is a few weeks. She’s generally good at compromise, but if we got this far with me being stressed 24/7 (about the move), can I trust future compromises? And if I can’t trust her and am so nervous about this move, should I be in this relationship at all?


    Water quality specialist can suggest a treatment

    Q. I am hoping you can help me. I have foul smells emitting from both the cold and hot water faucets in my home. The hot water heater is barely 6 months old.


    Ian Lashbrook of the Glen Ellyn Public Library discusses fake news during a presentation there last week.

    Fighting fake news with my friends of the library

    Columnist Jim Davis: Why librarians can be our finest ally in fighting fake news.


    Elected GOP Trump critics are heroes of sanity and principle

    Columnist Michael Gerson: Many Republican senators share this view of Trump as a danger in need of containment. And there is something disgraceful in holding such an opinion and pretending otherwise in public.


    Can’t keep up with Trump’s wild claims
    A Schaumburg letter to the editor: I have started three letters to the DH in the last month, each dealing with one or another of President Donald Trump’s latest incendiary pronouncements, but before I can finish, he gets embroiled in yet another controversy.


    Don’t expect tax benefit
    A Rolling Meadows letter to the editor: Republicans are desperate to pass a “tax reform” bill.


    St. Francis forfeit decision a shame
    A letter on a Wheaton topic: As a 2002 graduate of St. Francis High School in Wheaton, I am deeply disappointed in my alma mater for canceling the football game against Chicago Hope Academy in Chicago.


    Remark was insulting, Mr. President
    A St. Charles letter to the editor: The president of the United States was upset by the behavior of a young man he saw at a football game. He was so upset that he referred to this young man’s mother as a phrase used to describe a stray female dog.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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