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    Officials in Schaumburg are discussing whether to conduct a trial of video recording village board meetings.

    Editorial: Video recording board meetings a success in itself

    A Daily Herald editorial says that trustees considering video recording Schaumburg village board meetings don’t need viewership numbers to justify the expense. Just giving citizens the access would make the project a success.

    Don Grossnickle

    An outline for safety in contact sports

    Guests Don Grossnickle and Kenneth Jennings: High school sports that place tender spinal cord and brains exposed to life changing impairment should be more carefully scrutinized, especially by parents.


    A black man’s spotlight on police experience
    A Round Lake Beach letter to the editor: I read a lot of stories about black men and their awful run-ins with cops. Can I share this black man’s recent run-in with a policeman?


    Thanks for great season
    A Des Plaines letter to the editor: Congratulations Dodgers! You deserve the NL Conference banner.


    Taking a deeper look at tax numbers
    A Buffalo Grove letter to the editor: The Oct. 18 column by Walter E. Williams asserts that a mere 1.7 million Americans, less than 1 percent of our population, are paying 70.6 percent of our federal income taxes. That sounded outrageous to me, and it also turned out to be wrong.


    Remember which party profits from guns
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: As everyone who reads the Daily Herald knows, there was a protest Oct. 13 while the Lake County Republicans were holding their second annual gun raffle, which included a semi-automatic weapon like the one used in the Las Vegas massacre.


    District 15 school board treating support staff unfairly
    Letter to the editor: The new school board is sticking it to the support staff of District 15, writes Frank Klimala of Rolling Meadows.


    Employees should contribute to own retirement costs
    Letter to the editor: Ken Hofrichter of Elk Grove Village says some of District 57’s deficit could be solved by asking employees to pay part of their retirement care


    Not comfortable without District 15 support staff
    Letter to the editor: A Palatine parent says District 15 is not living up to its promises during the strike.


    Governor Walker’s Foxconn giveaway
    An Elgin letter to the editor: Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the governor elected by the Koch Bros who decimated unions and underfunded education, now wants to abandon real conservative principles and give Foxconn $3 billion taxpayer dollars to open a large plant in Wisconsin to make components for Apple phones.


    Hultgren’s opposition to assault weapons
    A Geneva letter to the editor: There is no legitimate need for civilians to have assault weapons like the AR-15s used by the psychopath in Las Vegas.


    Beholden to the NRA or afraid of it?
    A Lombard letter to the editor: The U.S. has again beat its own record. Not in the Olympics or the Dow Jones, but in the number of dead in a mass shooting.


    Prayer for peace for families of victims
    A Plainfield letter to the editor: As an Ahmadi Muslim, I am deeply saddened by the senseless act of terror in Las Vegas. My heartfelt condolences goes out to the families of this tragic event.

    Vadim Shapiro of Gurnee stands near Soviet Army medals won by his grandfather, Nathan Shapiro, in World War II. Shapiro grew up in Ukraine until he was 8 years old and experienced official prejudice targeted toward Jewish citizens.

    Immigrant experienced state-sponsored prejudice. He fears U.S. is heading toward it.

    Guest Vadim Shapiro: Racism, anti-Semitism, and prejudice are not new to the United States or to the world. It becomes much more dangerous, however, when the ideas are state-sponsored. I’ve lived that experience in another country.


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