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    Authorities say Brian Thunderstruck was driving this Camaro about 135 mph Saturday morning on Butterfield Road in Wheaton when he hit a car, killing a 23-year-old woman.

    Editorial: Safety and the value of advancing self-driving vehicles

    A Daily Herald editorial says that if we aren’t going to change our bad habits behind the wheel, self-driving cars might be a good solution.


    Slusher: Reports of tragedy can be vivid, accurate, sensitive

    Columnist Jim Slusher: A news outlet confronts many conflicting demands when it comes to reporting sensational news. The Daily Herald’s approach puts premiums on sensitivity and reliability.


    What Americans think about NFL protests — and Trump

    Columnist Byron York: Whenever President Trump sets off a new controversy, there’s always a period of hair-on-fire commentary, usually conducted in the absence of polls or other evidence of public opinion.


    ‘Traitor’ not too strong for Confederate leaders
    A Wheeling letter to the editor: In Mr. Knudsen’s letter in a recent Daily Herald, I first want to salute his serving as an army officer but I question his historical perspective.


    Not doing his job
    A Glenview letter to the editor: President Donald Trump’s Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, is ecologically destructive.


    City giving away too much to developer
    A Naperville letter to the editor: While it’s understandable that the city of Naperville would want help with the redevelopment of the 5th Avenue corridor, I’m shocked at how much control the city is willing to cede.


    Ellis’ flag comments offensive and crude
    A Lake in the Hills letter to the editor: I think Traci O’Neal Ellis has a right, granted to her by the Constitution of the United States, to express any of her views.


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