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    Jim Cremeens, 69, of Elgin, started driving an ice cream truck in May. He is hoping Elgin drops its ban on ice cream trucks so he can sell close to home.

    Editorial: It’s time suburbs end their bans on ice cream trucks

    Seeing the ice cream truck as a summertime rite of childhood, a Daily Herald editorial says Elgin should follow towns like Mundelein and Carpentersville that removed bans on the business.


    Correspondents get the story right -- in Vietnam and Afghanistan

    Columnist Georgie Anne Geyer: Ken Burns’ brilliant television exposition “The Vietnam War” not surprisingly brought forth in me, as with many other Americans, old and troubling memories.


    Over DACA, an acute case of Trump Panic Syndrome

    Columnist Byron York: The entire politico-media complex had a nervous breakdown last week over President Trump’s position on DACA.


    Consider states’ history when debating statues
    A Carpentersville letter to the editor: I have to admit I’m somewhat torn over the issue of removing Confederate statues: they are public art and this is a part of our history. However, if history is a reason to keep these statues, then the history of the statues must be equally taken into account.


    Future of planet at stake
    A Wheaton letter to the editor: Growing and overwhelming evidence confirms the long-predicted catastrophic effect of global warming.


    Electoral college ensures all areas are represented
    A Mundelein letter to the editor: I read your Opinion page in Sunday’s Daily Herald suggesting that we do away with the electoral college and I could not disagree with you more.


    Want to hear more
    A Rolling Meadows letter to the editor: It was nice to read a well-written article that was positive and hopeful about a guy named Sapan Shah.


    I-90 improvements deliver huge benefit
    A Hoffman Estates letter to the editor: Last week, I was honored to attend the launch of the I-90 SmartRoad and the Pace Flex Lane on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway on behalf of the Hoffman Estates Chamber of Commerce.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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