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    The Illinois tollway says nearly 5,000 crashes occur in work zones every year.

    Editorial: Take highway work-zone safety seriously

    In the aftermath of the death of another tollway construction worker, A Daily Herald editorial urges motorists to pay attention to speed limits and other safety considerations in highway work zones.


    Hard-liners on DACA may be too hard-hearted for Trump

    Columnist Ruben Navarrette: This season, tune in as Democratic congressional leaders — who have a lot of time on their hands because they’re not busy coming up with a message to win back disaffected voters who abandoned their party — teach President Trump the illusion of the deal.


    Medicare for all
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: I once arrived in Paris with an infected finger. I was directed to a hospital near Notre Dame where a friendly French doctor prescribed a remedy. Payment was never mentioned.


    Electoral college editorial disappointing
    A Long Grove letter to the editor: I was very disappointed in your Sunday editorial supporting abolition of the Electoral College.


    Preckwinkle has brought fiscal responsibility
    A Chicago letter to the editor: As the debate about the soda tax in Cook County continues to roil, perhaps a little perspective is in order.


    Committed to becoming Wonder Woman
    A Glen Elyn letter to the editor: The world is ending and all I have to wear is this chambray shirt. Don’t mean to sound apocalyptic, but stuff’s getting real. Hurricanes. Fires. Rampant overt racism.


    Rule of law should be applied evenly
    I agree with Mr. Lyons’ premise in a Sept. 12 op-ed that the violence perpetrated and often initiated by the Antifa will ultimately harm more passive liberal positions. I disagree though with his minimization of their actions or their organization.His statement, “When masked intruders quit breaking windows and start carrying weapons, things can change fast” is, to me, either naive or dissembling.I think that things change as soon as the protesters or counter protesters start breaking the law. I am upset when marchers (mobs), without a permit close Michigan Avenue or any other public street. Who gives anyone the right or permission to cause even minor property damage like breaking windows and damaging vehicles? The rule of law should be applied to all sides and at all times.Richard M. O’BoyleCarpentersville


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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