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    Illinois lawmakers debate budget legislation on the House floor during session at the Illinois State Capitol Thursday.

    Editorial: Lawmakers made encouraging budget progress, but we need and expect more

    A Daily Herald editorial says lawmakers made encouraging progress with a stopgap budget approved on Thursday, but they still have far to go to show they’re committed to a bipartisan budget solution.


    Suffocating in fact-free cocoons
    Columnists Steven V. and Cokie Roberts: The Texas legislature maintained that the abortion laws were necessary to protect women’s health, but the High Court reviewed the evidence and rejected the state’s argument.


    Country appears doomed to socialism
    Country appears doomed to socialism


    Put money toward real needs, not concrete
    A Hawthorn Woods letter to the editor: We hired a governor who told us he would use his business acumen to fix our broken finances, stop the financial bleeding, and point our state in the right direction. How’s that working for us?


    Looking for courtesy on park pathways
    The pathways of Mount Prospect’s Melas Park are not safe for senior citizens walking small dogs.A few spandex-clad thirty-something bike racers have adopted the long outer pathway as their private racetrack. When approaching from behind, these characters seem to take delight in speeding past without any warning. Today, one sped by and told me to “Get the (expletive) out of my way.” Some time ago, I asked another racer to slow down and he promptly cursed me out and told me to “get a life.” It’s road rage on two wheels. He must think that racing around in circles, menacing old people is a really good life. Recently, a biker wrote in to “Your Views” that pedestrians should walk single file to the right of the center stripe so that bikers can speed by unimpeded. Wisely, Mount Prospect has no center stripe on its pathways to avoid “my lane” versus “your lane” arguments. Anyway, when walking my small dog, he never signals his frequent lane changes and would likely be run over and injured or even killed by a speeding biker. I have a suggestion for this biker: You stay off of the neighborhood park paths, and I’ll stay off of your specially marked street “Bike Lanes.”I do think that bikers and pedestrians can coexist on the pathways of neighborhood parks if they both proceed at a leisurely pace. After all, isn’t that what parks are for: leisure? Ron Hulka Mount Prospect


    Green Party offers real alternative
    Green Party offers real alternative


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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