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    The undated photo provided by Audi Media Services shows the new Audi R8 V10. The car will have its world premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show that is open to the public from March 5 through 15. (AP Photo/Audi)

    Small SUVs, pricey sports cars dominate at Geneva auto show

    Electric vehicles take a back seat at Geneva thanks to limited range, cheap gas


    How to find out if a used car has an unrepaired recall

    A study by Carfax, which sells vehicle history reports, showed that overall there are more than 46 million cars and trucks on U.S. roads with unrepaired safety recalls.


    Obama endorses new rules for brokers giving retirement advice

    The president endorsed a new rule proposed by the Labor Department on Monday that would increase the standards for brokers who recommend investments for retirement accounts, requiring brokers to have the client’s best interests in mind. Under more stringent standards, brokers would need to justify if they are recommending a security that is more expensive than other options available or that may be underperforming, retirement experts say.

Life & Entertainment

    Drea de Matteo, an actress perhaps best known for her role on “The Sopranos,” will appear at Wizard World Fan Fest in Rosemont.

    New Wizard World Fan Fest draws TV stars, comics artists to Rosemont next weekend

    If you're the kind of person who gets misty-eyed with nostalgia when you hear sitcom titles like “Growing Pains,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Married With Children,” then you won't want to miss Wizard World Fan Fest next weekend in Rosemont.


    How to keep from being fleeced on a trip

    Before going touring on a vacation in a foreign country, check with the concierge about safe places to walk. Ask about any events that might be happening. Don’t be taken in by the quaint and picturesque village, because there are thieves looking for easy targets there, too.

    Even the tidiest kitchens might be harboring harmful bacteria, often where they’re least expected. After each use, unscrew the blender blade assembly and make sure you clean the gasket. In a 2013 household germ study, NSF International usually found salmonella, E. coli, yeast and mold hidden in blender gaskets.

    Ways to make a kitchen more germ-free

    Even the tidiest kitchens might be harboring harmful bacteria, and often where they’re least expected. Paying more attention to a few often-overlooked places can help keep your household safer, experts say.

    Joliet native Patrick Mulvey stars in “For the Record: Dear John Hughes,” coming March 5 to the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place.

    Joliet native helps bring John Hughes film scenes to the stage in ‘For the Record’

    The iconic ’80s film “The Breakfast Club” resonated with many teens, and Patrick Mulvey was one of them. So it’s a dream come true for Mulvey to be starring in scenes from the film — as well as other ’80s classics — on the stage, the actor says. From March 5 to 15, the Joliet native can be seen in “For the Record: Dear John Hughes,” at Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place.

    Bookshelves very often become decorative. Books and items displayed communicate a certain feeling.

    Must you have bookshelves?

    Changing times create changing furnishing needs. If you don’t read hardcover books any more, do you still need bookshelves in your home?

    This Tiffany and Company clock was made in France or Germany.

    Tiffany clock was made in Europe

    Q. Many, many years ago, my mother gave me an old clock that was my grandfather’s. I have enclosed a photo of the clock for you to see.

    Underdash player for 45 RPM records.

    JC Whitney catolog shares oddest car accessories
    To help commemorate its 100th anniversary, JC Whitney has released a fun collection of some strange and colorful auto accessories that have been offered for sale on the pages of its catalogs over the years.


    Relative blowing incident way out of proportion

    Q. I recently had occasion to drop off a package at my granddaughter’s afternoon preschool. Believing I was doing my daughter-in-law a favor, I timed my drive to stop at my son and DIL’s house to pick up my granddaughter and save my DIL the trip to the school. Admittedly, I stopped unannounced, but we have a good relationship and often visit each other’s houses unannounced.


    How seniors and families can cut the clutter

    I often hear people say they are dreading the task of going through their parents’ house after they pass away because of all the stuff tucked in the attic, basement and garage.


    Buyers shocked when shelves go missing

    Q. We purchased our dream house last month. When we first visited the house, the family room had a beautiful pair of what we presumed were built in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace.


    Not all concrete floors need to be sealed, but some do

    Q: I regularly read your column in the Daily Herald and have been following with interest the recent inquiries about sealing concrete. We had our garage floor totally replaced with new concrete seven years ago. Is it too late or impractical to seal it now?



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