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    PHOTO COURTESY INDEPENDENT MAP AMENDMENT Last May, volunteers delivered petitions by the truckload to the state seeking a referendum on redistricting. Last week, the state Supreme Court said the initiative is unconstitutional.

    Editorial: Voters are last hope for regaining control of legislature

    A Daily Herald editorial says that while a chilling Supreme Court ruling prohbits a citizen-led referendum to reform the legislature, voters still have, and must use, the option to pressure lawmakers,

    Michelle Orive

    Medicare experiment would turn Illinois seniors into guinea pigs

    Guest Michelle Orive: Unfortunately, local efforts to ensure cancer patients get the care they need could be for naught if the federal government proceeds with its plan to slash payments to cancer care providers.


    This senator is different from the rest
    A Grayslake letter to the editor: During this troubling election year, I have found a ray of light in Sen. Melinda Bush.


    Surely, assessments can be simplified
    A Hoffman Estates letter to the editor: In today’s mail was a letter from the Cook County assessor about the tri-annual property re-assessment to determine my property taxes for 2017. I was shocked that my assessment went up 46 percent!


    Elite media just doesn’t like Trump’s manner
    A Mount Prospect letter to the editor: Ms. Parker’s claim that Donald Trump’s campaign is one of insult and arrogance is either a result of her failure to inform herself of his substantive policies set forth on his website.


    Simple solution on race
    A Bartlett letter to the editor: If black people would simply become upper middle class white folk, all their problems would disappear.


    It’s Madigan, not Rauner who controls state
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: The governor controls one-third of the votes in the House and Senate.


    We must figure out to end rule by force
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: The initiation of force is wrong. Everything we’re taught about proper behavior as 6-year-olds goes out the window when we become adults.


    Races is more than a personality contest
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: We are drowning in a sea of corruption and lies like we have never known.


    GOP’s about what’s right for themsleves
    An Elgin letter to the editor: Spineless Republicans tolerate Trumps bigotry against Muslims and Mexicans, his insults of women, denial of climate change, acceptance of Putin’s aggression against Europe, birther comments about our first black president, belittling a disabled reporter, lack of understanding of foreign affairs, lies about the economy, disrespecting Gold Star mothers and the military and threatening Clinton with Second Amendment solutions.


    No sympathy for Blago, but penalty too harsh
    A Naperville letter to the editor: Rod Blagojevich is not a very sympathetic figure. When I think of his fall from grace, I think of a loud-mouthed braggart who was way too full of himself when governor of Illinois.


    When you do a good job, people stay with you
    A Woodstock letter to the editor: I’ve been reading Letters to the Editor regarding Rep. Franks stating a common theme. He ran for an elected office more times than he thought was necessary.


    President Trump will reward the wealthy
    A Wheaton letter to the editor: After an Aug. 8 speech to the Detroit Economic Club, the Daily Herald’s headline read ”Trump and the GOP are ‘in sync’ on tax cuts.” Be afraid, voters, be very afraid when the GOP is in charge of tax cuts. The results are historically disastrous.


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