Chicago's Very Own Burnout Expert & New Author, Shelley Paxton

  • Shelley Paxton sitting on top of her Harley Davidson in Downtown Chicago Hallie Duesenberg

    Shelley Paxton sitting on top of her Harley Davidson in Downtown Chicago Hallie Duesenberg

Updated 10/29/2020 2:16 PM

2020 is a year that we will never forget. Yet amidst the chaos and all the uncertainty, many folks are living with constant anxiety and not taking this time to slow down and reflect inwards. Many entrepreneurs and businesses have been forced to shut down or pivot with the times accordingly, so why not take this extraordinary historic opportunity to pause and take inventory both personally and professionally.

Fellow Chicagoan, burnout expert, transformational coach, and author of SOULBBATICAL: A Corporate Rebel's Guide To Finding Your Best Life, Shelley Paxton has made it her mission to help people connect (or reconnect) with their purpose and right now, this is exactly what we all need... Someone to help us align with our core values, while making an abundant living through our passions and purpose. Paxton says, "slow down to go fast so you can become success-FULL instead of success-EMPTY."


During the time of COVID and quarantine, Paxton is liberating the souls of fellow rebel entrepreneurs by teaching them to see opportunity despite the difficulty. Though it's not always easy, she's teaching folks how to do it one step at a time and encouraging them to follow the breadcrumbs of their passions. "Authenticity is the truest form of rebellion. What are you rebelling for?" says Paxton.

At the height of her career with over two decades of expertise as an accomplished marketing executive and global brand leader -- including being the CMO of Harley Davidson -- Paxton discovered that the view from the top of the corporate ladder lacked the fulfillment she had hoped for. And it was actually taking the joy out of life... She recognized that she had been playing by someone else's rules for so long that she didn't realize that she had lost a connection to her soul. It took a couple years but she eventually began to regain her deepest sense of self. It also took a full blown Soulbbatical to get reacquainted with her purpose: to teach people how to rebel for who they are, what they want, and the impact they want to have in the world.

Shelley's SOULBBATICAL book tour may have been diverted due to lockdown, however she has figured out a way to connect to people during the pandemic without the live in person events. Thanks to her virtual media tour and new podcast, Rebel Souls, Shelley's messaging is being amplified to the masses. Rebel Souls explores what it means to rebel FOR who you are, what you want, and the impact you want to have in the world. Paxton hosts conversations with movement makers, culture creators, and game changers who are breaking the rules and rewriting the script of success. It's filled with some serious boss baes -- and a whole lot of inspiration. New episodes drop on Mondays. A portion of her book, SOULBBATICAL: A Corporate Rebel's Guide To Finding Your Best Life goes to Life Is Priceless Foundation.

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