All Precincts in Ela Township Now Filled with Democratic Precinct Committeepersons

  • Mary Silcroft, left, 87th Precinct Committeeperson and Alicia Timm, right, 92nd Precinct Committeeperson Becky Ejupi

    Mary Silcroft, left, 87th Precinct Committeeperson and Alicia Timm, right, 92nd Precinct Committeeperson Becky Ejupi

Alicia Timm
Updated 10/21/2020 11:33 AM

Ela Township Democrats announced today that all 28 precincts are now represented by an elected or appointed precinct committeeperson (PC). Fourteen were elected in the 2020 primary in March and 14 more have been appointed since then. Republicans have PCs in only 17 of the 28 precincts. Democrats have been adding both leaders and volunteers rapidly in Ela Township.

"A blue wave of motivated volunteers has swept through this area since Donald Trump was elected," said Becky Ejupi, Ela Township Democratic Chair. "Many of our new PCs, including me, were not politically active until after the 2016 election. People have been wondering what to do to change things for the better in our country as well as locally. The Ela Township Democrats have given us an outlet. As a result, this area is no longer reliably Republican since our supporters helped elect Democrats who share our values like Mary Edly-Allen to the IL state legislature and Sean Casten to US Congress in 2018."


Conversely, the Ela Township Republicans, under the leadership of Republican Chair, Chris Bos, growth has been much slower in terms of adding PCs this year. Only 17 of the township's 28 precincts have Republican PCs assigned to them. Chris Bos is currently running as the Republican candidate for the IL51 State Rep. position against Democratic incumbent, Mary Edly-Allen.

"I'm so encouraged by the number of people standing up locally in opposition of the current Republican party's rhetoric that disparages the concerns of the LGBTQ community, women's healthcare needs, the alarming increased support of white supremacists, escalated police brutality against people of color, environmental concerns, common sense gun measures, and affordable healthcare being a right, especially for those with pre-existing conditions," stated Becky Ejupi. Ejupi adds, "We've never seen exponential growth like this before! In fact, membership in our Ela Township Democrats Facebook group alone has more than quadrupled in the last year, while our new website,, has experienced quite a lot of traffic as well."

Ela Township includes all of Lake Zurich and Kildeer, the majority of Hawthorn Woods and Deer Park, as well as parts of Long Grove, Barrington, and North Barrington.

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