The Juniper Center switches to teletherapy; free crisis services for COVID-19 first responders

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Posted5/1/2020 10:14 PM

The Juniper Center is now offering free mental health crisis services for first responders, for those who have family in the hospital for COVID-19 and those who have lost family to COVID-19. "We want to help those on the front lines and those who are struggling with critical health impact and loss," says Dr. Margo Jacquot, founder, director and Chief Care Officer of The Juniper Center.

Services may include individual crisis/stress debriefing sessions and/or virtual drop-in support groups based on needs. "We know that fear, anxiety, sadness, PTSD can all be natural feelings in during this unprecedented time," says Dr. Jacquot. In many cases insurance will cover costs and will be billed where applicable. However, The Juniper Center will absorb any out of pocket costs or for those (mentioned above) with no insurance coverage


As a long-time business owner, Dr. Jacquot is no stranger to responding to the needs of the people and communities she serves. That was put the test in the past two weeks when she moved her entire counseling and therapy practice from in person to 100% online in a matter of days. "We don't want people to feel alone at this time. Isolation can exacerbate feelings of anxiety, depression, and other emotions people may have already been experiencing," says Dr. Jacquot. "Teletherapy allows you to still get those services but from the comfort of your home."

"It's critical to have access to professional mental health care now," says Dr. Jacquot. "Students who spent lunchtime with the guidance counselors, those dealing with having experienced a loss or others in drop-in programs have lost their support networks now that we are sheltering at home." Dr. Jacquot is responding in real-time, offering new services based on needs and concerns she is hearing from the community." The insurance agencies have also responded. Virtual therapy is now covered by most insurance.

The Juniper Center has trained professionals available who can work with you through phone, FaceTime, and video conferencing for counseling and therapy. "On our end, we use Zoom for Healthcare, a secure and private (and HIPAA compliant) platform. On your end, you can use your computer, tablet, smart phone or any device with a screen that allows you to access the internet."

Telehealth services at The Juniper

"Stressful events such as the COVID-19 pandemic can impact our lives in powerful ways. It is normal to feel that we are riding a rollercoaster of emotions," says Dr. Jacquot. "We may experience wide emotional swings, from panic and anxiety to loneliness and sadness, or feeling frozen and completely unable to think logically or solve problems, all in the course of one day. In this situation, we can feel distressingly out of control." Resources now available include:

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• Teletherapy

One-on-One Counseling, Teletherapy for Anxiety, EMDR for Trauma and more.

• Virtual Therapy Groups

Therapy Groups for Support, led by a trained and licensed therapist, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), self-compassion, reducing anxiety, tweens and more.

• Tension Tamers Live Fridays

Weekly 30-minute breathing and calming exercises to keep anxiety at bay. Free to join, registration required.

• The Juniper Center YouTube Channel

Find calming exercises to do at home, plus advice for parents of teens.

About The Juniper Center

The Juniper Center is one of the largest women-owned counseling and therapy practices with 30 clinicians at five locations (Barrington, Chicago, Northfield, Oak Park, Park Ridge), all now accessible via teletherapy. Find individual, couples, family and group counseling from the comfort of your home, using a secure, online platform.

The Juniper Center is here to help you or someone you love to heal from symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, substance abuse, relationship issues and more. We work at the forefront of brain science to provide evidence-based results for you and a are leader in LGBTQ inclusivity. Learn more at the

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