Rare Stage Show held in Chicago to pay tribute to revolutionary Icon poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Updated 1/15/2020 7:47 AM

Most notable singers and performers from the Chicago performed live in Stage Chicago as part of stage program "Hum Jeete Ji Masroof Rahe" (We were busy living) The evening was enhanced by the live musical and Kathak dance performances of Madhura Sane. The program was held on Sunday, January 11th, 2020 in the grand auditorium of the Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg, Illinois from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The show was support by NAATAK (North American Asian Theater Arts & Kulture)

Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a Pakistani Marxist, poet, and author in Urdu. He was one of the most celebrated writers of the Urdu language in Pakistan and India.


The master of ceremony was Naseem Ali Bhai. At the beginning of the show documentary video was shown to audience title "Faiz Home" which sent by Faiz Foundation Trust Pakistan.

The most prestigious and well-known Person in Chicagoland Mr. Amein Haider wrote the screen script. Mr. Haider also presented Dramatic narration between all the poem and songs.

Amein Haider effectively introduced the story of a chapter of Faiz's life as he entered the stage, which set the atmosphere for the entire program. Read short Faiz's poems in which Chicago's renowned classical dancer Madhura Sane performed an impressive dance - showcasing the essence of Bharata Natyam, Kathak.

Mr. Haider also highlighted the life history and the story of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. He said, "Faiz is the one of the most famous poets of the continent, Faiz was jailed and banished from Pakistan several times and military dictator. During his jailed time. He wrote several hits Poetry."

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The program featured soulful renditions of Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry, perform by two singer's well-known harmonium accompanist and singer of great and Ghazal Vikas Falnikar and Divya Khandekar.

Renowned Chicagoland vocalist and melodic voice Divya Khandekar sung several songs in front of a big crowd of men and women. She sang several of Faiz's poems include the hits "Mujh se pehli si muhabbat" and "Hum Dekhenge." received the loudest cheers.

All the performances on the show was extremely wonderful and enjoyable. Audiences were exhilarated by the performances of those tremendous singers.

It was an evening of mixed gathering of Pakistani, Indian and American community, the Audience includes all the ages, Youth, Elders, Businessmen, supporters, families and friends. The show was a great success with about 400 individuals attended the event.

Drum and Tabla performed by Mumtaz Ali Khan. He is officially considered as a best Tabla Nawaz in Chicago. Keyboard and music were done by Shehazad Markaz. Scene Design and Stage Lighting was done by Suhas Gosavi.

At the end of the show organizer Sabra Darugar come up to the stage and introduced her team and invite the consul general of Pakistan Mr. Javed Umrani to say some words about the program. She thanks all the audience volunteers and supporters. Who work hard to make show possible. Mr. Umrani impressed with the hard work of Managing Partner Amein Haider and its team specialized in the management capabilities of Sabra Darwager.

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