Holy Cross Anglican Church in Lake Villa unveils new website, logo

Holy Cross Contributor
Updated 12/6/2019 12:03 PM

In an effort to better engage seekers in the digital age, Holy Cross Anglican Church in Lake Villa has unveiled a redesigned, more mobile-friendly website and a new parish logo.

The new-look website is not only more compatible with smartphones and mobile devices than the old website, but it also contains more photos and has better access to social media, said the Rev. Ron McGowin, interim pastor of Holy Cross. "The website also has a prayer tab, enabling anyone in the world with an internet connection to submit a prayer request via email," he said. "We invite any seeker to visit the site at www.holycross-anglican.org.


The parish's new logo is a graphic depiction of the cross that hangs over the altar at the church, said Fr. McGowin.

"The holiday season is a time when many are seeking a worship community," Fr. McGowin added. "While the Anglican tradition is officially Protestant, it's also known as the Via Media(the Middle Way), combining the best of Roman Catholicism (liturgy and tradition) and Protestantism (authority of Scripture and justification by faith). Interfaith couples will find a friendly home at Holy Cross."

Holy Cross Anglican Church is affiliated with the Diocese of Pittsburgh in the Anglican Church in North America. The parish church offices are located in the brown, one-story office park at 500 Park Ave., Suite 102 in Lake Villa, on the west side of Illinois Rt. 83 and about two blocks south of Illinois Rt. 132 (Grand Ave.). Following the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Eucharist is a coffee and social hour. Visitors are welcome. To learn more, visit www.holycross-anglican.org or www.facebook.com/HolyCrossAnglican/ or call (847) 356-1901. For more information on the Anglican Church in North America, visit www.anglicanchurch.net.

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