Lincolnshire Kids Support Climate Strike

Lewis and Milt King
Updated 9/23/2019 10:41 AM

Our Home is On Fire, Let's Strike to Put the Fire Out

It is hard to focus on homework when your house is on fire. Hurricanes, floods, and fires are already here, and even more threaten our future. In Lincolnshire we are especially vulnerable to CLIMATE IMPACT. But we don't have to accept this as our new normal. This is why I'm joining millions of students across the country on September 20th to demand transformative climate action by striking from school.


A few years ago, I would not have imagined skipping a day of school for a global climate strike. Add details about your personal story -- what made you get concerned about climate change and what you are fighting for on September 20th.

I should be able to stay in the classroom and learn what I need to learn to prepare for my future. But how can I do this when adults are taking away the possibility that I can have a normal future by doing so little to stop releasing greenhouse gas emissions? On September 20th, instead of staying silent and letting outdated energy systems take away my right to live in a safe world, youth like me are asking adults to stand with us, and with the future.

We have opportunities to steer towards a safer climate. In Lincolnshire, offer example of local climate solution people are working on. But the climate crisis is obviously larger than just Lincolnshire. Leaders across the country, and the world are working on climate solutions, but their actions will not be enough. Climate policies won't have the ambition we need, the goals the science requires, or the compassion for marginalized communities morality demands unless people like us make it a clear priority for policymakers.

Just two days after the U.S. Climate Strike, world leaders are convening at the United Nations to discuss climate policies. Let's shout loud enough on September 20th so that they hear us.

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There will be millions of youth on the streets on September 20th, in the U.S. and across the world. Like me, each has a personal story, hopes, and dreams. By putting our voices together, we are asking world leaders to take climate action. We grow stronger with each person who joins us. Will we see you on the streets during the Climate Strike?

Lewis and Milt King

5th Grade Half Day School

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