Willows Academy Students Raise $1800 for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Katie Hinderer
Updated 10/6/2017 7:35 AM
  • Willows students who helped raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Tom Snitzer

    Willows students who helped raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Tom Snitzer

Willows Academy students came together to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Over a three week period the 230+ student body managed to raise more than $2000.

As soon as news of the hurricane's impact became known, the middle school and high school students started brainstorming ways they could help those who were suffering in the Houston area. For the Middle School that meant collecting money in jars sitting on teachers's desks. The sixth, seventh and eighth grades competed to raise the most amount of money over a three-week period. In total, they raised $1060.

"The Middle School students really took the fundraising efforts to heart. There were many students who gave their allowance each week to the collection, or who went without something they frequently purchase in order to donate the money," said Robin Huntington, dean of the Middle School.

For the High School, the Student Council planned the Penny Wars. Each grade was to collect as many pennies as possible. One penny equaled one point. But quarters, nickels and dimes dropped into the jar subtracts from the overall total. The idea is for the students to put pennies and dollars in their class's jar and drop silver coins in the other class's jars. The freshmen class won the competition, which raised more than $660 in two weeks.

Beyond the coin collection, one of the home volleyball games took up a collection, raising an additional $60. Additionally, several grades hosted lunch sales, to bring the total raised to just over $1800.

"We wanted to help those in Houston in a tangible way," said Mariana Avila, president of the Student Council. "The money raised may not be a large contribution to the overall relief efforts, but it's one small way we could send our support and encouragement to the people who are trying to rebuild their city and their homes."

The money is being distributed to a number of organizations helping with the relief efforts in Houston, including the American Red Cross.

Willows Academy is a college-preparatory school, rich in the Catholic tradition, and focused on the education of young women grades 6 through 12. Located in Des Plaines, students hail from 40 suburbs, the city of Chicago as well as Mexico, Spain, Chile, China and South Korea.

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