Clubhouse Chatter: Which pro golfer would complete your twosome?

Updated 8/8/2020 5:32 PM

What the sports staff has to say now that the games have resumed.

Dating myself a bit here but when I did play golf I always thought it'd be cool to play a round -- then have dinner and drinks -- with Arnold Palmer. Such a simple looking guy, such a sweet swing.


­-- John Radtke

It's so easy to say Tiger Woods because he's the GOAT. But sometimes the easy answer is the right answer. Yes, it's Tiger Woods.

­-- Barry Rozner

For as great as he is, Rory McIlroy always seems to be having a good time on the golf course. If he would spot me a few dozen shots, it could be a competitive pairing.

­-- Scot Gregor

My brother, an insurance agent in Boise, Idaho, has played in seven Pro-Ams at Torrey Pines. All of the experiences were fantastic, but playing with Davis Love III, Phil Mickelson and Brandt Snedeker was truly special. Mickelson actually gave my brother a chipping lesson as they walked down the 18th fairway. So I'm going with Mickelson, a fellow lefty who really understands what it means to be a true pro.

­-- John Dietz

For this occasional putt-putt golfer, a master storyteller is preferred over a top-tier player to match wits against. Lee Trevino always seemed like someone who enjoyed himself on the course. Imagine how many laughs we could have on a good windmill hole.

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­-- Orrin Schwarz

I'll go with Greg Norman. Loved the Shark's personality when he was a regular on the PGA Tour. For the LPGA golfer, I'll say Inbee Park, who has been the No. 1 ranked player for four different runs, including a period in 2018. Now 32, it would be interesting to hear from her about the pressure of being No. 1 and how the women's game has evolved since she started.

­-- John Leusch

Nancy Lopez. She's a legend and a trailblazer so she'd be interesting to talk with about her history. And, she's seems like a very nice person who might be very patient and kind if she were forced to golf with a complete amateur like me.

­-- Patricia Babcock McGraw

Got to be Tiger Woods. I'd be so nervous I'm sure I couldn't play worth a darn but golfing with Tiger would be like pitching to Babe Ruth or shooting jumpers with Michael Jordan.

­-- John Lemon

Someone who is willing to give a lot of pointers, for sure, since I rarely play. I've never been a huge golf fan, but Arnold Palmer seemed like a nice guy.


­-- Mike McGraw

Tiger Woods because he's Tiger Woods. Second choice: Canadian Brooke Henderson because she was a hockey goalie as a kid.

­-- Joe Aguilar

I'd go back in time. I'd rather carry their bags than play, but I think it would have been a hoot to join Lee Trevino and Chi Chi Rodriguez on the course.

­-- Dave Oberhelman

An open and honest Tiger Woods. The guy must have some wild off-the-course stories to tell.

­-- Jerry Fitzpatrick

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