Clubhouse Chatter: Who is the most overrated coach/manager in Chicago history?

Updated 6/22/2020 4:54 PM

What our Sports staff has to say while waiting for the games to resume.

Dusty Baker was given two of the most talented Cubs teams ever in 2003 and 2004 and sat on his hands while the Cubs imploded in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS and during the final 10 days of the 2004 season. They were good enough to win it all both seasons.


-- Barry Rozner

Well, no Chicago pro team has a history of winning consistently, so those that did win accomplished a rare feat. Leo Durocher, maybe? I'll suggest Whitey Lockman. The '73 Cubs had everyone from '69 except Ernie Banks, added Rick Monday, Jose Cardenal, Rick Reuschel, Burt Hooton and Bill Bonham but couldn't succeed in a year when 83 wins would have won the NL East. That doesn't really make him overrated, though, just below average.

-- Mike McGraw

Mike Ditka gets credit for leading the Bears to their Super Bowl XX championship, but he has to take the blame for that being the Bears' only Super Bowl appearance during his coaching tenure. That team had the talent to win more, even after Buddy Ryan left, but Ditka couldn't keep the group focused and united.

-- Orrin Schwarz

Mike Ditka. It's not that I don't like Iron Mike. I do, it's just hard to find that many coaches actually rated highly. And of the few who are, I'll go with Ditka for the failure to do anything in the playoffs after '85 despite always playing those games at home, which normally is a huge advantage in the NFL.

-- John Lemon

Lovie Smith. He stressed take-aways. But once Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman got old, a defensive-minded coach needed to find new work.

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-- Joe Aguilar

You could argue that every coach is overrated because winning wouldn't happen without the athletes. Would Michael Jordan win six titles without Phil Jackson? Would the Cubs win the World Series without Joe Maddon?

-- Kevin Schmit

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