Clubhouse Chatter: Which do you like better, college football or the NFL?

Updated 5/29/2020 5:44 PM

What our Sports staff has to say while waiting for the games to resume.

Covering prep sports on Saturdays for the last 30 years has limited my college football viewing. It's too bad because I'm addicted to NFL draft coverage and find myself scrambling to learn more about the college players, from the top guys to the Day-3 candidates. Thus, I've always been an NFL guy.


-- Joe Aguilar

I like both, but sometimes it feels like the NFL lacks variety. The stadiums look the same, most every team uses the same offensive plan. You usually get a better game atmosphere in college.

-- Mike McGraw

I like NCAA football more than NFL football, and it's not even close. In fact, while I watch every Bears game, I rarely watch other NFL games. I know I'd have more of a connection if I were interested in fantasy football, but I'm not. With college football, on the other hand, I'll watch just about anything and everything ... especially if a DuPage County product is playing!

-- Kevin Schmitt

I much prefer the NFL and watch every Bears game. The college I attended, Indiana University, was not steeped in football and games were mainly a reason to party. Between that and then working most every Saturday I never developed much interest in college football. However, I do enjoy following players I've covered or have become familiar with through high school sports.

-- Dave Oberhelman

Big plays make college football exciting, unpredictable and enjoyable, but I prefer the NFL. It's satisfying to watch the games played by the elite athletes of any sport.

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-- Jerry Fitzpatrick

Can't split them. Nice to change it up a bit by watching the college action on Saturday and pros on Sunday. It's fun to see the guys you watched in college play in the pros. So, to me, you've got to watch both. NCAA championship game vs. Super Bowl? That's a toss up, too, for me!

-- John Leusch

The NFL is pretty much unwatchable, save the opportunities to see Pat Mahomes, Lamar Jackson or Russell Wilson, so it has to be college football.

-- Barry Rozner

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