Ask Hub: Much too early to write off Trubisky

  • Hub Arkush strongly advises those people not happy with Mitch Trubisky to give the quarterback some time.

    Hub Arkush strongly advises those people not happy with Mitch Trubisky to give the quarterback some time. Associated Press

Updated 10/11/2019 7:22 AM

Many of the questions the last few weeks involved Mitch Trubisky and were sent before he was hurt Sept. 29 against the Vikings. Other questions were more complaints. I've lumped some together to show how silly some conversations about Trubisky can become.

Trubisky injured his left shoulder and suffered a slight labrum tear in the opening series against Minnesota. He might return Oct. 20 against New Orleans. Quarterback Tyler Bray was released Wednesday, which could indicate the Bears believe Trubisky should be ready barring any setbacks.


Where do you think Mitch is among NFL QBs? Is it safe to say he will never be Watson or Mahomes? Submitted by Mitchell John Smith

If Mitch doesn't improve, does Ryan Pace lose his job? Submitted by Jacob Valdez

When will we know whether Mitch is a serviceable quarterback? Submitted by Richard Cosme

Should the Bears draft a quarterback next year, and move on from Trubisky? Submitted by Sox Fan

Is it a matter of Mitch having the ability to adjust to making quicker decisions? Submitted by John Wellington

Is Mitch a closer comp to Alex Smith or Cade McNown? Submitted by P.K. McNulty

If the Bears' brass admits to Mitch not being a franchise QB, is that when Pace will get the boot? Submitted by Marty Sus

Mitch Trubisky was a Pro Bowl quarterback last season in just his second season in the league and first full year as a starter.

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Yes, he was an alternate and not one of the top 3 QBs in the NFC, and I actually don't consider alternates to be real Pro Bowlers, nor do I think making the Pro Bowl makes him a great player.

But that fact still has real meaning as to how Trubisky is viewed around the league and around the country in relation to his peers.

In what alternate universe is it objective analysis to write him off as a bust?

Trubisky continues to be a work in progress, and based on the way the Bears developed last year in coach Matt Nagy's and his offense's first full year in Chicago, it is going to be at least until several games after he returns from his injury and beyond before we can form an educated opinion as to where he's at.

He has shown more than enough traits to believe he can be a very good quarterback, and really nothing to suggest he is doomed to fail.

I was clear on draft night I thought Deshaun Watson was the better prospect and have never waffled, and anyone who claims they knew Pat Mahomes was absolutely going to become Pat Mahomes is lying.


That doesn't make Trubisky a bust after just 30 games.

General Manager Ryan Pace said when he arrived in Chicago he'd like to draft a QB every year, yet in 5 drafts has picked only Trubisky.

Yes, they absolutely should draft a QB next March but not because of where Trubisky is at, but because as the Patriots, Packers and others have proved, it's really smart player development.

Several felt when Pace traded up for Trubisky they would be forever joined at the hip, and if one failed the other could be gone, too.

That was before Pace became Executive of the Year on the strength of building the NFL's best defense and hiring Nagy.

If Trubisky is a bust, Pace will survive it, as he should, based on his full body of work.

Pace and Nagy are constantly evaluating the most important position on their team. Trubisky is an excellent athlete with more than enough arm and clearly has the work ethic, competitiveness and leadership qualities to learn enough to at least be very good.

It feels like too many are on the Mitch hate train too early to be able to claim you were right and the Bears were wrong. It's a mistake to not be concerned, but a much bigger mistake to write him off.

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