Benson's big day ultimate insult

Published10/26/2009 12:05 AM

Talk about adding injury to injury.

Yeah, the Bears were terrible Sunday in getting thumped by the Bengals 45-10 in Cincinnati.


Sure, their defense was nonexistent in allowing 4 TDs in the first four possessions.

But to let Cedric Benson run up and down their backs, well, that's just pathetic.

Of course, Benson's career-high 189 yards Sunday shouldn't impress anyone too much, as the Bears couldn't stop a decent high school offense these days.

At 3-3, they've faced four NFL QBs, have lost three of those games, and easily could have lost a fourth.

But it wasn't long ago, only a few weeks actually, that the experts were telling us to trust Lovie Smith, Rod Marinelli and all the coaches, to trust the defensive genius they possess.

Yet, you have to seriously wonder how some of these guys keep their jobs.

Just as we did after the Seattle and Detroit games, we'll hear next week again about how great the Bears' coaching staff is after they dismantle a horrible Browns team.

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That's supposed to make you forget that the Falcons and the Bengals knew exactly how to exploit the Bears' defense, mainly their complete lack of a pass rush, and on defense they seemed to know every play the Bears' predictable offense was going to run.

Sunday's awful game had little to do with Jay Cutler, who spent half the game on his back and eventually forced a few passes that were picked.

Cutler also badly underthrew Devin Hester on a deep route, something we were promised would never happen again once the savior got to town.

Yeah, it was ugly all around Sunday, and the worst of it was watching Benson play hard. This is the same Benson who took $17 million from the Bears and then spent three years eating Cheetos instead of chewing up yards.

The Bears gave him everything and every chance, and even traded the very popular and effective Thomas Jones, just so that the emotional Benson could sleep well at night.


Their reward was that Benson didn't play hard or practice hard.

He didn't practice well or play well.

He got into trouble on the field, on the sideline, in the locker room and off the field.

And when the Bears finally dumped him, he couldn't understand why, so today they're the bad guys and he's the victim.

Congratulations, Cedric Benson.

He has his victory, his yards, his TD and his revenge, not to mention his delusions.

Now all he needs is a mirror.

He might want to look in it next time he feels like blaming the Bears and their fans for all his problems in Chicago and even after he left.

Benson stayed in to the very end Sunday, running up his total and sticking it to Chicago for all the imaginary insults.

Of course, he's probably forgotten all that money the Bears gave him just for putting his name on a contract here, and that he didn't live up to his end of the bargain.

He was a bad player, a bad teammate and a bad citizen.

The gift of getting released forced him to get into shape for the first time in his NFL career and forced him to toe the line.

It's only because of the wake-up call that Benson has a career today and is having a career season. After all that, he got one more gift from the Bears on Sunday: He got a chance to run against their defense.

The only good news on that side of the ball was that the Bears saw no further drop-off in play from defensive tackle Tommie Harris.

But that's because he didn't dress.

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