Cutler wins, and all will be just fine

Published9/8/2009 12:07 AM

Only one thing is certain about Jay Cutler as the Bears' regular season approaches.

He's going to say something to irritate somebody somewhere along the line.


Cutler also will be a great quarterback if he can translate his terrific physical tools into transcendent quarterbacking.

But the scouting report is that Cutler's occasionally abrasive personality might be more of a sure thing. He says things that he doesn't seem to realize have a deeper meaning to fans, the media or even teammates.

Like, a month later this remark becomes more interesting and intriguing the week of the opener:

"Denver's like a 6 and Chicago's a 9. It's quite a bit different. Just the fans and how passionate they are, that's probably the biggest difference."

Denver fans were offended, but Cutler cut them even deeper by playing well against the Broncos in an exhibition game there.

The Bears acquired Cutler from the Broncos this spring, and for five months he has been welcomed to Chicago like a potential franchise quarterback should be.

Cutler is expected to immediately be a considerable upgrade from Kyle Orton, last year's starting quarterback.

"You said that, I didn't," wide receiver Rashied Davis said Monday in an attempt to maintain Orton's legacy and in the process relieve Cutler of some of the expectations.

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Anyway, the Bears' new QB likely will learn that a fandom's passion has two sides.

If you don't like Chicago weather, stick around and it'll turn in five minutes. If you like Chicago sports fans, stick around and they'll turn on you in five minutes.

I remember saying before Michael Jordan's seventh season here that as much as he is beloved, people will start questioning him if he doesn't win an NBA title soon.

Championships are forever, but patience is time stamped.

The expiration date is further away for some but permanent for only a select few like Jordan, who won a championship in that seventh season.

Despite Jordan's off-court character flaws he could say anything, do anything and pretty much get away with anything because he kept winning.

Jordan was helped by a personality that dripped of charisma. He could seduce fans and the media on the field and off with slam dunks and pithy observations.


To be honest, I haven't been around Cutler enough yet to have more than a first impression sure to be fluid as time passes and he throws passes.

But the Bears' quarterback doesn't seem to have a very sunny disposition. His smiles and humor appear forced, though that could change like the weather during the next five minutes.

None of this will matter if Cutler throws touchdown passes, the Bears win games and sooner than later they reach the Super Bowl. However, as sure as his name is Jay Cutler he is going to throw an interception or 2 and lose a game or three.

That's when whether he is a Teflon man will be tested.

If Cutler is, he will receive the credit when the Bears win and his coaches will be blamed when the Bears lose.

If he isn't, the fans' passion he likes will flip on him.

Remember, in sports and math, a 9 is just an upside down 6.

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