Cutler watch: Dominating in 7-on-7 drills

Published8/3/2009 12:10 AM

Unlike any other quarterback in recent Bears history, Jay Cutler's availability to the media is being restricted to only Wednesdays and Saturdays following practices or games.

At every training camp for the past 15 years, every Bears player has usually been available on a daily basis.


On the field Sunday, Cutler was especially sharp in 7-on-7 drills, completing 12 of 12, including 3 to Devin Hester in the first six-play sequence. In 11-on-11s, Cutler cooled off, hitting 9 of 16. He had a pass batted behind the line of scrimmage by defensive end Alex Brown but was not intercepted.

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner was asked to name his favorite Cutler pass play of the first three practices, and he selected a deep sideline route to tight end Greg Olsen on Saturday night.

"It was great coverage by Brian (Urlacher) and the ball could only be one place (for a completion)," Turner said. "Greg ran a really good route, and the ball was dropped in there. That was a big-time play."


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