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Jim O’Donnell: Curious irony frames Philadelphia’s backdoor cover on ‘MNF’

Dec 02 2020 | 2:44 pm - Jim O’Donnell: Eagles’ cover on “MNF” gets a second glance.

Jim O’Donnell: Injury to Brees draws attention to NFL’s TV future

Nov 25 2020 | 4:27 pm - Jim O’Donnell: Could Drew Brees have a TV job in his future sooner than later?

Jim O’Donnell: As Chicago Bears fade to flail, the style of Jim Finks seems so far away

Nov 20 2020 | 8:38 pm - Jim O’Donnell: Bears in desperate need of some Grade A drafting.

Jim O’Donnell: Theo’s next puzzle not all that puzzling

Nov 18 2020 | 6:27 pm - Jim O’Donnell: Theo Epstein moving on to solve the next puzzle.

Jim O’Donnell: Students’ rush could speed exit of Notre Dame president

Nov 12 2020 | 6:40 am - Jim O’Donnell: Scenes of self-absorbed Notre Dame students ignoring all reasonable national health guidelines to storm the home turf will linger in the American consciousness. Man on the hottest pulpit near Touchdown Jesus now becomes...

Jim O’Donnell: Does Tony La Russa have Michael Jordan to thank for his new gig?

Nov 04 2020 | 2:21 pm - Jim O’Donnell: Should Tony La Russa thank MJ for the return engagement?

Jim O’Donnell: A life of triumph — the improbable dream of Vaughn McClure

Oct 30 2020 | 1:26 pm - Jim O’Donnell: Looking back on the life of Vaughn McClure.

Jim O’Donnell: Nobody walks in L.A. — unless you’re betting against the Bears Monday night

Oct 21 2020 | 1:44 pm - Jim O’Donnell: It doesn’t make much cents to go against Matt Nagy and the Bears.

O’Donnell: Aikman knew that yellow pixies — not the Bears — beat Tampa Bay

Oct 14 2020 | 7:08 pm - Jim O’Donnell: Bears get help from the officials in downing Tampa

Jim O’Donnell: Touché of grades is in for Sox, Cubs broadcasters

Sep 30 2020 | 5:05 pm - Jim O’Donnell: Cubs, Sox broadcasters get decent grades this season.

items 1-10 out of 239

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