Letter: Unite Glenview candidates show 'intelligence, insight, and integrity'

Updated 3/25/2021 5:59 AM

The April 6 consolidated municipal election features two competing slates for three open Village Trustee seats. None of the six candidates running has ever served on the board of trustees. My choices are the Unite Glenview trio -- Gina DeBoni, Tim Doron, and Adam Sidoti -- whose combined personal experience and professional expertise dwarf their rivals.

Nominated to run from a communitywide vetting process, neither Gina nor Tim nor Adam was chosen with political litmus tests in mind. Instead, from the get-go, they have freely spoken their minds and written their truths on a range of matters and, in fact, on problematic actions of the current Village Board. In so doing they continue to offer voters an honest preview of how they will help govern Glenview once elected.


From unresolved development projects to Fire Department concerns and everything in between, the Unite Glenview candidates promise to gather the facts, listen to opposing viewpoints, and communicate transparently. They share a deep conviction that every issue, no matter how major or minor, has nuance, context, and consequences for those affected. And as a local educator whose career spanned 33 years, I especially appreciate that -- as parents and grandparent of school-age children -- their decision-making will always be informed by the need to maintain our nationally acclaimed schools.

Gina DeBoni, Tim Doron, and Adam Sidoti will serve all residents with intelligence, insight, and integrity. I urge you to cast your votes thoughtfully with our village's future foremost in your mind. Please vote for Gina, Tim, and Adam -- ballot placements #5, #6, and #7. Thank you.

Allan J. Ruter


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