'I know we will rise once again'
Class of 2020
  • Sarosh Nagar

    Sarosh Nagar

Updated 6/18/2020 4:41 PM

Good morning. For those of you who don't know me, I am Sarosh Nagar, and before I begin, I'd like to thank all the incredible teachers and administrators who helped make this event possible, as well as the wonderful friends and families who have come to watch and celebrate my fellow students. I know that this is a difficult time for many of you, so your attendance to help honor our class is truly appreciated.

I'd also like to take this moment to thank all of the essential workers, medical personnel, and others who have helped mitigate this crisis and allowed us to be here today. I know some of you are parents watching this ceremony today, and we all truly thank you for your hard work.


I know that, for most of us, this graduation is not what we expected. In fact, much of this senior year is not what we have expected. We've lost some cherished senior events: prom, grad night, and more. Many of our athletes lost their final chances to be on the field or play in a game, and many of our club leaders never again held another meeting. But most of all I know that, personally, I regret that I never got the chance to say goodbye to some of my teachers and friends, and I know many of you share my experience.

But our time at GBN is not defined by how it ended. It is defined by how we lived it.

Our greatest memories were not made by the lowest points of this last year, but by the highest points of the last four. Many of my fellow classmates can remember their points of pride -- from when our athletes scored their record point totals to when our actors landed their leading roles. We all remember the great events, from the joys of running a Springfest booth to watching some of our greatest Variety Show performers.

But above all, we remember the friends we've made, the teachers we've had, and the invaluable experience that has made us all proud to be a Spartan. It is that experience which will live well beyond this present crisis. Though we may have lost time and events, the friends we've made at GBN, whether through our activities or just a new seat at lunch, are ones we will keep for years to come. So remember: No goodbye is a true goodbye forever. For the opportunities we've had, the memories we've made, and the dreams we've achieved -- they will live on in the hearts and minds of every single member of our class.

As for our teachers, though we may never sit in another one of your classes or hear another one of your incredible presentations, we will remember the lessons you've taught us and the experiences we've had together and, for that, we are eternally in your debt.

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But the reason these experiences will last is because of our class. Our class is strong and resilient. From the football players and cheerleaders who practiced for hours each day, to the debaters preparing on long overnight trips and the band and orchestra players rehearsing song after song, I've seen how each and every member of our class has shown their personal strength to achieve their dreams.

So while we may lose some of our events now, I know we will rise once again. I know that we will rise stronger and better to achieve our dreams and take on the world. I know we will rise because that is the spirit of being a Spartan.

But above all, the one thing I hope everyone takes away from our crisis and their time at GBN is hope.

Though the present situation may feel somber and unfortunate, it is the spark of hope that will get us through this time and beyond.

We are Spartans, and like the Spartans of old, there is no challenge that will keep us down, no obstacle that will always stand in our way, no force that can remove our hope.


I know that for all of us in the Class of 2020, the lessons we've learned at GBN, the experiences we've had, and the memories we've made will guide each and every one of us to impact our world for the better.

For that, we are all eternally grateful.

And so I ask that, most of all, as we look back on our time at GBN, I hope we all remember our guiding words: Be Positive. Be Proud. Be a Spartan.

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