'I am excited to see where life takes us'
Class of 2020
  • Glenbrook South senior and graduation speaker is Student Council President Sung Jun "Sunny" Choi.

    Glenbrook South senior and graduation speaker is Student Council President Sung Jun "Sunny" Choi.

Updated 6/18/2020 4:41 PM

Every day for the past couple of weeks since school has been out, I have sat at my desk trying to figure out what I could say in this speech to finally get a sense of closure.

A sense that, despite not having the prom or quite the proper ending of our high school careers, that we are able to leave knowing that our legacy was not and will not be taken over by this disease. Because we have gone through too much and accomplished so much for us to be only remembered as the class that got stuck in the middle of this crisis.


But perhaps we will be remembered as the class that worked in unity and brought back sports assemblies. The class that encountered some of the biggest challenges but overcame them. Or as the class that wasn't afraid to make changes such as moving Homecoming to the Fieldhouse. The class that created a new and renewed Titan Spirit that did a white powder toss at halftime against GBN on their home turf and beat them 21-14 on their Homecoming. So, when someone comes up to me and asks me if I was part of the GBS Class of 2020 that got stuck in the middle of this crisis, I would say yeah. But if that's the only thing you know about us, you are missing one hell of a story.

To everyone at GBS who has helped make our story over the past four years -- teachers, counselors, administrators, parapros, custodians, and everybody else -- we thank you for an amazing high school experience. Truly, we could not have done it without you.

And to you, the Glenbrook South Class of 2020, let's forget everything that's going on in this world for just this one moment. Because this is our time. This is our moment that we have worked so hard for over these past four years. This is the day we get to celebrate for all those long nights of studying and for all those early morning practices. For all the work and dedication we poured out to our clubs and our passions. All the obstacles we have had to overcome to get to this day. And now, we finally made it. So, just for this one moment, let's celebrate.

But after today, after this moment, let's go back into the real world that so desperately needs us to create change. To make the world a better place. And I am confident that each and everyone of us will do just that.

As we set off to open up the next chapter of our lives, I am excited to see where life takes us. But no matter where or how far away we go, deep inside our hearts will be the memories and friendships that we have created at Glenbrook South. Once a Titan, Always a Titan.

Glenbrook South Class of 2020, we did it. Now, our next journey begins.

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