A poem for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Robert Bruno

    Robert Bruno

Updated 5/4/2020 12:47 PM

Robert Bruno is the school board president in Glen Ellyn Elementary District 41. He's written the following poem in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, running May 4-8.

"The Courier"


Waking early with coffee
Papers still to grade
Emails like morning traffic

Families hunt for shoes that match
Stacked up as toast burns.
Before the bell rings

I arrive on site to find
Students here and there
All eagerly searching for

Their desks, books, screens, and new worlds
Filled with empty space.
I wait for minds to explore

Secrets, like atoms floating
Through history felt
In numbers, signs, songs and prose.

Somebody interrupts, "Yes?"
I say, but no one
Hears over the learning curve

Bending now before my eyes.
Each day ends with hope
Stuffed into heavy backpacks,

Where the kids hide my hard work
Under class notes, for
Archaeologist to find

Later after the last bus
Departs and calls made
When their future is my past.

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