Endorsement: Vote 'No" on Rolling Meadows term limits

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Updated 2/28/2020 6:25 PM

We've never been fans of term limits.

There are rare instances where they make sense: for example, the case of speaker of the Illinois House, where voters throughout most of the state have almost no ability to hold someone like Mike Madigan accountable.


But in most cases, voters already have the power to limit the number of terms any elected official serves simply by voting for an opposing candidate.

And by removing elected officials after an artificial time frame, term limits can actually cost the public the benefit of a highly qualified public servant.

The people should decide, not artificial rules.

In Rolling Meadows, the city government already makes substantial use of term limits. The mayor is allowed to serve only two terms. Aldermen are allowed to serve only three.

A referendum question on the March 17 ballot doesn't ask whether those restrictions should be eliminated, only whether the aldermanic terms should be further limited to two, similar to the limit on mayors.

There's no good reason to do that. Vote "No."

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