Believe Project closes with donations for women and children in Haiti

Daily Herald report
Posted12/31/2019 5:30 AM

A pair of Wonder Lake relatives will receive $100 bills today as our Believe Project comes to a close for another year.

The first is Melissa Dreiske. Here is her story ...


"If I had the opportunity to receive $100 to give to someone, I would choose to give it to a country full of oppression and need. I would give it to the widows in Haiti who have no one to provide for them and their children and are in great need of essentials such as clean water, food and a place to stay.

"I was on a mission trip with Real Love Ministries International this past March, and what they are doing in Haiti is a wonderful help to the people there. $100 could help widows and their families live a little longer and know there is truly hope for all people."

The second recipient is Morgan Dreiske.

"I would give the money to an organization called Real Love Ministries international. It is located in Haiti and was started by a Haitian man named Michael. He started with an orphanage but he now has started many branches, one of them being a school.

"I have been to Haiti twice, and I along with my family are hoping to go again in March. The school does not have enough money to provide lunch for the kids and many of the kids' families have to choose between food and school.

"$100 would help provide food for the kids. And when they have food, they can study better. Last March, we were able to provide the kids in the school with lunch. My prayer is that this year they will have food for the whole school session."

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