$100 to help mom facing challenges

Daily Herald report
Posted12/17/2019 5:30 AM

Today's recipient of a $100 bill through our Believe Project is Rachel Bottcher of Long Grove. Here is her story ...

"My best friend from college, Kathy, is a single mom to 16- and 13-year-old boys. They are unbelievable kids, and she is one of the most incredible moms I know. She works a full-time job teaching and acts as mother and father.


"Life has never been easy for them. Her oldest was born at 23 weeks and has Stage 5 kidney failure (among other things). He has been doing dialysis for 12 hours each night while waiting for the kidney transplant he so very desperately needs to live.

"She is his lifeline ... all while working full time and making sure her 13-year-old has all the love, attention and care he needs. She sacrifices so much for them to have the most normal life they can have. And her youngest son is the most mature, caring, loving 13-year-old I know.

"Her community, friends and family do as much as they can for them. I know though she is stretched thin and any extra help, however it may come, is much-needed and she is grateful for it all. They were not dealt an easy life at all, so I feel they deserve this extra love from the Believe Project.

"While I know she needs much more than $100, that $100 would go so far for them. Especially at this time of the year."

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