Unofficial results for Lake County municipal board races

Updated 4/2/2019 11:23 PM

X- denotes vote leaders as of press time. #- denotes too close to call. All results are unofficial. Write-in votes were not counted on Election Night.



(three 4-year terms)

#-Mary C. Dominiak

X-Ed Macek

#-Christina "Wojo" Wojciechowicz

X-Daniel Yost


(three 4-year terms)

#-Kate Duncan

#-Ryan Julian

#-Jason Lohmeyer

#-Emily Young

Barrington Hills

(three 4-year terms)

X-Debra Buettner

X-Brian D. Cecola

Linda H. Cools

X-Bryan C. Croll

Louis Iacovelli

Buffalo Grove

(three 4-year terms)

Tim Kobler

#-Soojae Lee

Rachel Hausman Masse

Adam Moodhe

X-Gregory Pike Jr.

#-Carolyn Pinta

X-Eric Smith

Larry Steingold

#-David Weidenfeld

Fox Lake

(three 4-year terms)

Glenn J. Close

X-Nancy Koske

X-Brian Marr

X-Danice "Dani" Moore

Green Oaks

(three 4-year terms)

X-Richard Glogovsky

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Bob Madland

X-Dan Sugrue

X-John Wagener


(three 4-year seats)

Joshua S. Amann

Matthew Robert Duray

X-Greg Garner

Ryan Horath

Michael D. Jacobs

X-Quin O'Brien

X-Cheryl G. Ross

Jamie M. Seaton

Hawthorn Woods

(three 4-year terms)

X-Michael David

X-Dominick DiMaggio

Farah Laman

X-Steve Riess

Ekwutosi U. Ufodike

Lake Zurich

(three 4-year seats)

X-Janice Gannon

Jeffrey Halen

Michael J. Paulus

John L. Shaw

X-Marc J. Spacone

X-Jonathan W. Sprawka


(three 4-year terms)

X-Scott Adams

Jeanine C. Chyna

X-Peter W. Garrity

X-Donna Johnson


(three 4-year terms)

X-Dawn Czarny

X-Patrick John Dunham

Stacey Kramer

Trak Patel

X-Heath Rosten


Casandra Slade

Long Grove

(three 4-year terms)

X-Chris Borawski

Amy Johns Gayton

X-Chuck Nora

X-Michael Sarlitto


(three 4-year seats)

Pamela P. Fantus

X-Jan Pink

X-Pamela J. Sheldon

X-Timothy J. Towne


(three 4-year terms)

#-Scott Black

X-Kara Lambert

Bill Rekus

#-Kerston Russell

X-Erich Schwenk

North Barrington

(three 4-year terms)

Jay Murphy

Doug Ramsdale

X-Gregory "Greg" E. Rogus

X-Janice L. Sauer

X-Lawrence "Lawre" Weiner

Port Barrington

(three 4-year terms)

X-Dawn Cillo

Billy Joe King

Saverio Schiro

X-Ryan Thomasson

X-Keith Vogeler

Tower Lakes

(three 4-year terms)

#-Paul Kierig

#-Christine Mena

X-Caroline Milne

#-Joe Skurla

#-Randall Spiess

Vernon Hills

(three 4-year terms)

X-Karimar "Kari" Brown

X-Michael M. Marquardt

Stacey Pristas

X-David J. Oppenheim

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