Dan Hites: Candidate profile

  • Dan Hites is a candidate for Aurora City Council.

    Dan Hites is a candidate for Aurora City Council.

Posted3/11/2019 12:01 AM


Name: Dan Hites


City: Aurora

Office Sought: Alderman Sixth Ward

Age: 61 (7/4/1957)

Family: Son Richard (8), daughter Vanessa (19), mother Nancy (90), sister Dorothy (58)

Occupation: Real estate development

Education: U of I (Champaign) Finance, MBA Northwestern

Civic involvement: Numerous committees, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Previous elected offices held: None

Website: danhites.com

Facebook: Dan Hites for Alderman

Issue questions

What are the most important issues facing your community and how do you intend to address them?

The Sixth Ward neighborhoods and downtown have suffered from 30 years of neglect and poor planning; property values, education levels, and per capital incomes have all dropped. Net commercial rent rates are stagnant. Bright flight, taxes, and schools' poverty levels have all increased. Its leadership has failed to strongly represent the interests of its citizens or address its problems. Aurora needs a revitalization effort that addresses issues both downtown and in the neighborhoods. We can do this by; creating an Arts & Entertainment District with extended liquor licenses, providing additional parking downtown, investing in our historic neighborhoods, implementing an incentive program to attract young educated families into the neighborhoods through assistance with student loan debt, consistently reviewing projects that promised financial benefits to the city, and bringing educational programming that targets technology and the arts back into our downtown. Ethics ordinances must be strengthened and past failings corrected. The city needs to become more open and accessible to the public- Democracy dies in darkness.

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What makes you the best candidate for the job?

I have a "feet on the streets" approach and a successful record in revitalizing neighborhoods in which I have invested. I am not afraid to stand up for the public interest or fight unethical behavior. I already have deeply committed time, money, and energy into the 6th Ward. I know the issues and have continually pushed to resolve them. I have personally lived many of the issues, have a worldwide perspective, and a high level of experience and education.

Describe your leadership style and explain how you think that will be effective in producing actions and decisions with your village board or city council.

When I see a problem I set out to resolve it, relying on research, experiences, and observation. I am patient but determined with core values that I do not compromise. Actions are initiated by leaders that push an agenda- decisions are influenced most by those that have the deepest knowledge and strongest convictions. I believe that through determination and knowledge I will be able to balance agendas in such a way that they benefit the whole community.

How would you describe the condition of your community's budget, and what are the most important specific actions the town should take to assure providing the level of services people want?


The city of Aurora's budget is in disrepair with a heavy debt burden and dwindling reserves. Employee and administrative costs are excessive and can be expected to grow even more burdensome in the future. To fix the burden on the city, Aurora needs to become an Investors Sanctuary City (homeowners being investors also) by eliminating excessive rules, regulations, fees, taxes, and employee costs. Expenses need to be capped then reduced and revenue needs to be enhanced. We can boost the city's budget by establishing the Arts & Entertainment District and having all entities in the city pay their fair share.

Some easy cost reductions; stop end of career bonuses and pension enhancements, stop paying the settlements for employee and politicians misbehavior. Have an outside review of salary and benefits for the top 100 paid city employees. Stop paying excessive amounts to outside consultants.

What's one good idea you have to better the community that no one is talking about yet?

Aurora needs to become a true city full of vitality, entertainment, and growth.

The 6th Ward is essentially two neighborhoods (urban and residential) that have different needs. In the Aurora's downtown I will push for the establishment of an Arts & Entertainment District which includes changes to the liquor licenses. In the residential areas I will develop a student loan payment incentive to attract educated Millennials to live and help in the struggling neighborhoods.

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