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  • Christina Wojciechowicz

    Christina Wojciechowicz

Posted3/11/2019 12:01 AM


Name: Christina "Wojo" Wojciechowicz


City: Village of Antioch

Office Sought: Trustee

Age: 40

Family: Married with Children

Occupation: Operational Manager of a Logistics Company

Education: The Willows Academy. Northeastern Illinois University, Bachelors Degree in Political Science, with extensive research on the Judicial System, and Constitutional Law. College of Lake County, Certificate in Paralegal Studies. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Civic Involvement: Former Cub Scout Pack #33 Leader. Former Community Representative with the Lake County Victim/Offender Mediation Program for Juveniles. Member of Lake County Bar Association.

Previous Elected Offices Held: None

Incumbent: No

Website: n/a


Twitter: n/a

Issue questions

1. What are the most important issues facing your community and how do you intend to address them?

The two (2) most important issues that I will disclose to Daily Herald, that the Village of Antioch is facing:

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1. Residents' level of concern for families with younger children with no family-oriented stores, dining, and outdoor/indoor recreations to attend. Residents seek outside cities and villages. According to our own Retail Strategies Report dated 02/2016, Antioch's households consists of 76% families. The report states that "$901,547,446.00 is our total market leakage". I intend to address that by bringing my business strategies with new ideas focused on consumers, modern trends, and family-oriented branding, so that the tax payer is less burdened. We need to start keeping our money in Antioch.

2. Communication with citizens, or better stated as the lack there of. The Village of Antioch provides an app, website, meetings (that few come to), and newsletters, etc. It seems only when it is election, survey, or tax time, do politicians spend money on informing their constituents about issues, updates, and/or specific accomplishments. Citizens, especially seniors, have to seek information from family, friends, neighbors, or their own subdivision's social media. I intend to address that by forming something that will be discussed in my future campaign literature, as it will help in giving the citizens back their sense of ownership. It will also help bring cohesion between local government, and citizens.

2. What makes you the best candidate for the job?

By being a mom to two wonderful boys, one in high school, and the other in middle school, I am an advocate for families. I fully understand the current needs and wants that families are looking for. I also am an operational manager of a successful logistics company. I work daily with budgets, finances, small claims, legal and compliance operations, and as a liaison between local and federal agencies. Over the past 20 years, I have helped others become self-employed, and independent. I am very open, frank, have a strong work ethic, and great communication skills. Being a homeowner since 2003, also helps me understand where our tax dollars are being spent. I love volunteering and my intentions are simple. I want to give back to our community, so it can be prosperous, and inviting so that our children will want to raise their families here.

3. Describe your leadership style and explain how you think that will be effective in producing actions and decisions with your village board or city council.


My leadership style is typically authoritarian, but successful leaders understand that they are able to use all leadership styles depending on the situation or work at hand. Leaders also know that things only get accomplished when the rest of their teammates are given the proper tools and direction needed. My leadership style is effective because it produces better results thru team motivation. It involves your colleagues into better decision making with more positive results. I want to bring integrity back to Antioch.

4. How would you describe the condition of your community's budget, and what are the most important specific actions the town should take to assure providing the level of services people want?

The current condition of our Village's 2019 budget is at a surplus of $1,282,310.00 which has dwindled down from the $4-5 million that we had in previous years. I believe that we can do much better in cutting down expenses such as over blown incentive packages (over 200K to Lovin Oven Cakery and 200K to Rivalry Ale House), plans, and studies (Retail Strategies alone was $110K). Village leaderships talks about how balanced and effective our budget is, but they fail to discuss the fact that our budget still has an outstanding debt of $15,819,646.00. With reading the budget along with other information posted online, my questions remain the same. At what point in time, does someone think of the cost benefit analysis? When will our citizens see a return? I do not believe the Village should be annexing anymore land, as it will only increase our debt, and mortgage our children's future. The Village needs to focus their attention on the failing infrastructure such as the Sequoit Creek, and neighborhoods that are outdated. We need our residents to be able to afford their homes, especially the elderly without constant real estate and sales tax increases.

5. What's one good idea you have to better the community that no one is talking about yet?

The Village of Antioch needs to stop speculating and "hoping" that the local economy will improve by buying land with no current prospective buyers, and concentrate on redeveloping exiting industrial parks, and our business district. Hope is not a strategy. One good idea that I choose to disclose at this time, is to stop wasteful spending on contracted, out of town, 3rd party studies, and start utilizing the resources within our own village, in order to project a family-oriented image.

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