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  • Andrew Cuming

    Andrew Cuming

Posted10/18/2018 1:00 AM


Name: Andrew Cuming


City: Elgin




Party: Republican

Office sought: State Representative District 43

Age: 31

Family: Wife, Britta; Daughter, Lillian, 5; Son, Hugh, 22 months; Daughter, Rosalind, 3 months.

Occupation: Property manager

Education: Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University

Civic involvement: Neighborhood Committees- Southwest Area Neighbors, City Board -Property Maintenance Board of appeals, Kiwanis, Food for Greater Elgin food Pantry, Anderson Animal Shelter, Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin, Previously Ran for City Council, Heavy Investment in Elgin, Cemetery Walk, Historic House Walk, Member of Elgin CERT. Member of Elgin Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.

Elected offices held: None. I am not a politician.

Questions & Answers

Would you vote to approve a graduated income tax? If so, what qualifiers would you impose and where would you set the brackets? What would the top tax rate be?


How big a problem is the level of property taxation in Illinois? If you view it as a problem, what should be done about it?

Property taxes are a very large issue in our state. By making sure that there are fewer unfunded mandates handed down from the state onto our municipalities and school districts as well as ensuring that the state's share of expenses is paid in a timely manner, local governments and schools will be able to reduce their respective property tax levies without cutting any services.

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What is your evaluation of Gov. Rauner's job performance? Please specify what you view as its highs and lows.

I think that he has been an ineffective governor, largely due to an inability to come to agreements with the state Democrats.

What is your evaluation of Speaker Michael Madigan's job performance? If you voted for him for speaker in the last legislative session, please explain your vote.

I think that Michael Madigan has failed the state and put in many policies that lead to corruption and failure in Illinois.

Should there be term limits for legislative leaders? If so, what would you do to make that happen? What other systemic changes should be made to strengthen the voice of individual legislators, limit the control of legislative leaders, encourage bipartisanship?

Yes. Work on a bill to put in limits of maximum six years for the House of Representatives and 12 years on the Senate. Any legislator should be able to present a bill without it going through committees.

How concerned should we be about Illinois' population loss? What needs to be done to reverse the trend?

Very. Cut the excessive regulations and taxation and become business friendly.

Please provide one example that demonstrates your independence from your party.

There are many. I am a Ron Paul Republican, and my entire philosophy can be summed up as "Whatever you want to do, so long as you are not harming anyone else without their consent, is your business" I am pro- marijuana legalization, regulate it like alcohol.


What other issues are important to you as a candidate for this office?

Properly balancing the budget, reducing corruption, reducing taxes, reducing unfunded mandates.

In addition, here a few questions meant to provide more personal insight into you as a person:

What's the hardest decision you ever had to make?

I have had to make many hard decisions in my life, some just affecting me, some many people. I would not be able to say what one was harder then another.

Who is your hero?

The Roman Statesman Cinncinatus: He was given the chance at absolute power, and instead served to the full of his ability to save the republic and restored the power to the senate all in a short period of time, before voluntarily returning to his farm, as it was about service and not power or a career in politics.

Each amendment in the Bill of Rights is important, but which one of those 10 is most precious to you?

The First is most important. If you don't have the ability to express your concerns, discontent or dissension, then you can't even begin to fix what is wrong.

What lesson of youth has been most important to you as an adult?

As I said in 2015, public opinion has its place, but you have to do what you feel is right. But I also think the absolute most important lesson is: Life isn't fair, you have to do what you have to do. Move on.

Think back to a time you failed at something. What did you learn from it?

To keep trying. To always try to see every side of an issue or an argument and work with others while staying true to your principles. To know when you need to work more with others and when you need to keep going on your own.

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