These suburban men killed in Vietnam have no photos for the 'Wall of Faces'

Posted12/28/2017 5:00 AM

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is looking for photos of these suburban men killed in Vietnam for its "Wall of Faces," a digital roster of images that show the human cost of the conflict. Here are their names and locations on the monument in Washington, D.C.:

Cook County


Name: Ralph G. Bartley Jr.

Hometown: Harvey

Killed: Oct. 3, 1970

Wall Panel/Line: 7W/109

Date of Birth: June 12, 1942

Branch: Army

Name: Gary E. Becker

Hometown: Berwyn

Killed: May 26, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 66W/1

Date of Birth: June 19, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Patrick J. Connor

Hometown: Glenview

Killed: Sept. 9, 1970

Wall Panel/Line: 7W/48

Date of Birth: Nov. 5, 1951

Branch: Army

Name: Joseph W. De Rosa

Hometown: Deerfield

Killed: April 14, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 18E/25

Date of Birth: Jan. 25, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Tony Dedman

Hometown: LaGrange

Killed: May 17, 1966

Wall Panel/Line: 7E/69

Date of Birth: Feb. 1, 1944

Branch: Army

Name: Michael J. Donovan

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Hometown: Berwyn

Killed: June 7, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 59W/21

Date of Birth: Dec. 11, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Michael C. Doyle

Hometown: Evanston

Killed: Nov. 7, 1966

Wall Panel/Line: 12E/36

Date of Birth: Nov. 5, 1942

Branch: Army

Name: Odell Easley

Hometown: Markham

Killed: Aug. 19, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 19W/67

Date of Birth: July 16, 1949

Branch: Army

Name: Robert E. Girsch

Hometown: Skokie

Killed: April 5, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 48E/16

Date of Birth: Feb. 21, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Napoleon Johnson

Hometown: Markham

Killed: July 5, 1971

Wall Panel/Line: 3W/100

Date of Birth: Feb. 21, 1949

Branch: Air Force

Name: Walter R. Lang

Hometown: Niles

Killed: May 26, 1968


Wall Panel/Line: 66W/9

Date of Birth: May 6, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Harold W. Maddox

Hometown: Steger

Killed: Feb. 24, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 15E/85

Date of Birth: Nov. 19, 1942

Branch: Army

Name: Robert E. Martin

Hometown: Hickory Hills

Killed: March 2, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 16E/3

Date of Birth: Oct. 23, 1946

Branch: Marine Corps

Name: Louie J. McFarland

Hometown: Evanston

Killed: July 8, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 53W/44

Date of Birth: June 29, 1945

Branch: Army

Name: Norman A. Miller

Hometown: Morton Grove

Killed: Dec. 1, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 37W/18

Date of Birth: Feb. 15, 1918

Branch: Army

Name: William R. Neville

Hometown: Evergreen Park

Killed: Jan. 26, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 34W/87

Date of Birth: Dec. 31, 1942

Branch: Army

Name: Larry J. Peters

Hometown: Niles

Killed: Aug. 16, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 25E/3

Date of Birth: March 7, 1936

Branch: Army

Name: Ronnie L. Russell

Hometown: Stone Park

Killed: Oct. 28, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 40W/48

Date of Birth: May 30, 1950

Branch: Army

Name: Melvin E. Tucker

Hometown: Justice

Killed: Oct. 11, 1970

Wall Pane /Line: 7W/126

Date of Birth: July 24, 1951

Branch: Army

Name: John R. Van Horn

Hometown: Lyons

Killed: June 2, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 61W/18

Date of Birth: March 19, 1943

Branch: Army

Name: Roger Zimmerman

Hometown: Deerfield

Killed: May 10, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 58E/18

Date of Birth: Aug. 12, 1943

Branch: Army

DuPage County

Name: Richard D. Krupa

Hometown: Elmhurst

Killed: Aug. 29, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 18W/7

Date of Birth: Dec. 26, 1942

Branch: Marine Corps

Name: Stanley D. Montgomery

Hometown: St. Charles

Killed: Dec. 22, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 15W/82

Date of Birth: Aug. 25, 1946

Branch: Army

Name: Larry R. Palmer

Hometown: Elmhurst

Killed: Sept. 10, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 26E /49

Date of Birth: Feb. 28, 1946

Branch: Marine Corps

Name: Roger L. Pierce

Hometown: Glen Ellyn

Killed: Jan. 25, 1972

Wall Panel/Line: 2W/100

Date of Birth: April 26, 1937

Branch: Army

Name: Allan D. Timmerman

Hometown: Downers Grove

Killed: Jan. 12, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 14E/13

Date of Birth: June 15, 1948

Branch: Marine Corps

Lake County

Name: Martin P. Eastham

Hometown: Fox Lake

Killed: June 20, 1966

Wall Panel/Line: 8E/65

Date of Birth: April 26, 1943

Branch: Army

Name: Howard L. Flament

Hometown: Wadsworth

Killed: Nov. 5, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 16W / 34

Date of Birth: Dec. 30, 1948

Branch: Army

Name: Jack P. Jones

Hometown: Mundelein

Killed: July 5, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 53W/21

Date of Birth: July 29, 1948

Branch: Marine Corps

Name: Bobby D. Seay

Hometown: Waukegan

Killed: Nov. 29, 1970

Wall Panel/Line: 6W/95

Date of Birth: Feb. 20, 1935

Branch: Air Force

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