Lower-income students make incremental gains on PARCC test

Updated 10/31/2017 6:02 AM

In the 2017 edition of the Daily Herald's Poverty-Achievement Index, elementary schools with higher percentages of low-income students made slight gains on the latest standardized test scores released Tuesday.

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Meanwhile, there was a decline in the percentage of students meeting or exceeding state standards for schools with fewer low-income students.

Our analysis was based on preliminary 2017 Illinois state report card results. To see results for your school or any school in the state, visit our database at reportcards.dailyherald.com. While the state school board has released the data to the public, officials say the information may be update in the coming days.


Since 2015, the Daily Herald has compared schools with similar percentages of low-income students as far back as 2006 to test the effects of poverty on school test scores. Elementary schools with zero to 9.9 percent of low-income students were grouped and compared, schools with 10 to 19.9 percent low-income were grouped and compared ,and so on.

It's too early to tell whether the tightening of average meets/exceeds scores in 2017 between groups of schools with different income levels represents a trend.

For more on the Poverty-Achievement Index, please click here.

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