Grayslake hiring trappers to remove coyotes

  • A surge in coyote sightings recently in Grayslake has led village officials to seek trappers to curb the population.

    A surge in coyote sightings recently in Grayslake has led village officials to seek trappers to curb the population. Gilbert R. Boucher II | Staff Photographer, 2008

Updated 10/25/2017 7:46 AM

After receiving reports of coyotes roaming through village neighborhoods -- and in a few instances attacking small dogs -- Grayslake police say they're hiring trappers to curb the population.

And they want residents to send them reports of sightings so they know where to look.


Since the village issued an alert out about the coyotes on Friday, about 15 additional residents have reported sightings, Assistant Village Manager Kevin Timony said Tuesday. Coyotes have been spotted by residents mostly on the western end of Grayslake, in places like the West Trail and Haryan Farm subdivision.

"We're trying to get a better idea of where they are so we can pass that on," Timony said.

The hope is that trappers can use the information passed on by residents to find the coyotes' dens.

While small dogs have been attacked, there wasn't one incident that prompted the village to consider employing trappers, Timony said. Rather, it was the consistent number of calls that residents were making to report sightings.

Timony was not aware Tuesday of whether or how seriously the dogs were injured.

Although coyotes prefer to stay hidden, they will venture into more populated areas to obtain food, according to the village.

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While the village works on hiring trappers, officials are encouraging residents stay away from any coyotes they see. They also suggest residents eliminate any food sources on their property, like garbage or bird food that might be eaten by the small animals coyotes hunt.

The village says residents should not leave small pets out of the home unleashed or unsupervised, and they should keep all fence doors closed.

Coyote sightings should be reported to the village by calling (847) 223-8515 or by using the "Request For Service" page on the village website.

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