Campton Hills leader calls flier about her salary 'baldfaced lying'

Published11/9/2007 12:17 AM

Campton Hills Village President Patsy Smith is accusing local activists of "baldfaced lying" and "fear mongering" over a flier that contains inaccuracies about her salary.

Organizers with the Stop Campton Hills Public Action Committee, whose Web site is listed on the flier, said they have nothing to do with the document.


"We don't know where it came from," said Steve Burdette, a committee member. "I could simply say Patsy cooked that thing up last night and put it out there. It's so unsubstantiated, it could have been done by Dick Cheney, I guess."

The flier claims Smith has an "$87,000 salary plus benefits" under a heading that reads, "Some Important Facts." Smith's salary as village president is $12,000, but she said she has not drawn any money.

If Smith, who was appointed after the village incorporated last spring, is elected Feb. 5, her salary as village president and liquor commissioner increases to $17,000 -- a figure the village board approved last month. The village president would not get additional benefits.

"The fear-mongering is unbelievable," Smith said of the flier Thursday. "It's baldfaced lying. Just lies."

The flier turned up as the Stop Campton Hills committee campaigns to put a referendum question on the primary ballot seeking to dissolve the village. The flier lists Smith's "salary" along with other statements about the police department, village offices and insurance, among other issues, that aim to raise questions about the village's ability to fund itself without additional tax revenue.

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"The money will come from YOUR POCKET," the flier reads, "in the form of TAX INCREASES!" It goes on to direct readers to the committee Web site and lists details about joining the effort.

Woodlands subdivision resident John Djukic, a village proponent, said the flier was attached Wednesday to his mailbox and those of several neighbors. "It's so far off the mark, it was a little upsetting," he said. "If you're going to put something out there, make sure it's accurate. To me, it was a cowardly act."

Burdette said his group could not have erroneously reported Smith's salary because it knows the facts. He added that he didn't think publicity over the flier would hurt the group's campaign.

"I don't believe they should have used our Web site," he said. "But we would just waste our energy at this point trying to find out (where the flier originated)."

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