Pro house flipper brings his expert formula to the Midwest

  • Chris Shaxted, left, and Mark Filler are the founders of Apex National Real Estate.

    Chris Shaxted, left, and Mark Filler are the founders of Apex National Real Estate. Courtesy of Apex National Real Estate

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Posted6/30/2018 7:00 AM

Marriage, relocation, divorce, financial motivations … there are endless reasons a homeowner may choose a company like Apex National Real Estate to buy their home.

Apex offers a high-quality product and service for both the home seller and buyer, its founders say.


"What we've experienced are people with a home that's too difficult to sell because it needs a lot of work, or also quite often we have a family trying to deal with the property of an older family member who is moving out of the house," Apex President Chris Shaxted said. "We take the property in as-is condition, take care of all the repairs that need to be made, and can also remove any personal debris left inside. Apex can make life easier on the whole family during this transition process."

In addition to creating top-quality homes, Apex delivers on all of its promises, which has helped the company build a loyal clientele and expand quickly. Now, Apex is moving in on other Midwest markets, with a focus on Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

The goal is simple: to become the No. 1 house flipper in those markets within a year, the founders said.

To gain trust, Apex starts with a simple and honest approach with their home sellers. "We do what we say we're going to do," says founder and CEO Mark Filler. "If we tell you we're going to buy your house for $200,000 and we're going to close on May 12, then we're going to close on May 12 for $200,000. We're not going to reduce the price, or add fees to what we charge. Our clients know if we tell you we're going to buy the house, we're going to buy it."

Whether a home needs major cosmetic upgrades to kitchens or bathrooms, electrical updates, or even landscaping, Apex always keeps its focus on the neighborhood. It takes into account the style and values of the surrounding homes in order to create a salable house that boosts everyone's property value and maintains a cohesive environment.

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"We want to do what's important to families who live in that particular neighborhood," said Filler. This is where Shaxted comes in.

"Chris knows what a customer in a particular neighborhood wants, and how to make a buyer happy," Filler said. "High-quality construction is the key. Our reputation is worth more than saving a couple thousand dollars. We would definitely rather spend extra money to build a better home and create a happier customer, which creates a better reputation for us in the marketplace. That's really important to us."

Apex differentiates itself from the competition not only through thoughtfully rehabbed homes and quick turnaround times, but also through its commitment to customer satisfaction.

"We're definitely different from most house flippers," said Filler. "Our goals are much bigger, our capital is much greater, and our quality is top notch. Our reputation is unparalleled. People know that an Apex home is a higher-quality house than a house being flipped by some of our competitors. We have more integrity with both our home sellers and homebuyers because of the way we operate our business."

For more information, visit You can also call (888) 773-APEX or send an email to

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