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Published5/30/2008 12:11 AM


Sylvester Stallone wrote and directed this film, which finds John Rambo living in Thailand catching snakes and running a boat service. A group of missionaries ask him to transport them to Burma so that they can bring relief to some troubled people. He refuses at first but then relents. They run into trouble getting to their location, but Rambo takes care of them. He is told that his services are no longer needed, but when the missionaries are captured, the ex-Green Beret springs into action and saves the day. The film contains action, adventure and lots of violence.


"The Cleaner"

Tom Cutler (Samuel L. Jackson) is a retired cop who runs a business in which he cleans up messy crime scenes. He is called to an upscale neighborhood to clean up after a shooting. Cutler goes back the next day to return the key to the house, and the wife knows nothing about the crime. Her husband has been missing and was about to finger some cops on the take. Cutler is being set up and it's a mystery that will play itself out.

"Grace is Gone"

John Cusack is terrific in a film that will touch your heart.

Stanley Phillips (Cusack) wanted to be in the Army, but he was rejected because of poor vision. His wife is in the military and fighting overseas, while Stanley cares for their two daughters. When he is told that his wife has been killed, Stanley takes the girls on a trip to Florida. He puts up a good front, but he knows that he must tell them soon. The trip ends at a country fair instead of Disneyland, and at the fair is where reality sets in.

"The Take"

Felix (John Leguizamo) is an armored car driver in East L.A. When his company is robbed, Felix is shot in the head, but the finger of suspicion points at him. With surgery and therapy, he wants to be back with his wife (Rosie Perez) and family. He fights to find the people who committed the crime and clear his name.

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- Jeff Tuckman,

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