Letter: Sanctuary or stopover?

Posted10/2/2022 5:00 AM

Migrants arrived in Chicago by bus after Texas Gov. Abbott said his state has no more room for them. Mayor Lightfoot and Gov. Pritzker extended a warm welcome to the migrants and vowed they would treat them with "dignity and respect." Then they got rid of them.

The migrants were shipped off to the suburbs, where they "will stay for a month with "social workers" to help them get acclimated and find employment." How can they find employment in Illinois when Pritzker's lockdowns cost the state 500,000 jobs?


Darren Bailey has questioned Pritzker's unilateral closing of the Illinois economy and commented on the crime in Chicago. Bailey also wondered why the migrants were sent to suburban hotels (and not to the Hyatt).

So here is the game: 1) Democrat (Biden) opens border; 2) Millions of migrants cross over to the Republican states of Texas and Arizona, who then 3) send them to a Democratic sanctuary city, which 4) ships them out to Republican towns in the suburbs.

Who knew being a sanctuary city was so easy? You say you are a sanctuary city, you say you will help, then you dump asylum-seekers on someone else.

Texas and Arizona did not advertise themselves as sanctuaries but they have been taking care of the migrants ... millions of them. False promises and politics are deepening a humanitarian crisis. This game playing does not help anyone -- especially the citizens.

The country needs to find some sort of stability. It does not need game-playing, despotism and bitter factionalism. The incumbents don't like it that Darren Bailey speaks honestly and in a straightforward manner. Illinois needs an honest man to lead us. P.S. ... who pays the hotel bill?

Glenn Mitan


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