Letter: We need faith in our elections

Posted6/23/2022 1:00 AM

In today's Herald I noted that not one of the candidates running in the Republican primary in District #14 could bring themselves to state that Joe Biden won in a legitimate election.

This after respected Republican after respected Republican on Donald Trump's own staff stated under oath there was absolutely no evidence to support that festering doubt.


I find this to be a dire forecast for the election to come. Will every candidate who loses claim they won because they cannot imagine anyone not wanting them in office? This is what happens when we surround ourselves with only people who think exactly like we do.

We need to listen to other viewpoints with a genuine interest in finding out why other people think the way they do.

Human beings are diverse and wonderfully puzzling. We miss a large part of the adventure called life if we close ourselves off from trying to understand the whole truth.

Mary Wolf

West Chicago

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