Letter: Newman is gun-sense champion we need

Posted6/23/2022 1:00 AM

Mass shootings have become commonplace events here in the United States. Just in the last few weeks, we've had mass shootings in Uvalde, Tulsa, Buffalo and so many more that don't make national headlines.

For over two decades since the deadly Columbine shooting, politicians have promised gun reform, but none of them have delivered -- both Republican and Democrat.


We shouldn't fear going to the grocery store, to the movies, to school, to church ... the list goes on and on. With gun violence so rampant and limited gun control measures in place at the federal level, I want leaders representing me who will fight hard and have the lived experience to tackle the gun lobby.

That's why I'm supporting Congresswoman Marie Newman for election in Illinois' 6th District. Newman has been involved in the gun reform movement for decades, and as the spokesperson for Moms Demand Action in Illinois, she took on the NRA and helped pass significant legislation -- even under a Republican governor.

Newman knows what it takes to get legislation passed, and in Congress she's fought hard to pass universal background checks, red flag laws, and ban assault weapons. As a fervent fighter to stop gun violence, she is the only candidate in IL-06 to be endorsed by these three leading gun safety groups: Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety and Students Demand Action Illinois.

In this moment, we need strong leaders who don't just talk about reform; we need a leader who will do the work and get it done. I'm voting for Marie Newman in the Democratic primary on June 28.

Ginger Kearney


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