Congress must act to meet climate goals

Posted11/13/2021 1:00 AM

Democrats in Congress are working to finalize the climate policies included in budget reconciliation. As currently drafted, the package of investments and incentives, or "carrots," falls short of achieving President Biden's promise to reduce CO2 emissions 50% by 2030.

It is said that money makes the world go round. Economists and climate scientists agree that if it doesn't exactly make the world go round, a mixture of financial carrots and sticks will certainly speed our transition to a green economy. Congress is quietly considering including in budget reconciliation a price on carbon, a powerful financial stick that would enable the package to achieve Biden's target.


Recently Sen. Durbin tweeted in support of a carbon pollution fee "if we want to pass on a livable world to our children and grandchildren." I couldn't agree more and hope he will use his leadership role as majority whip to push for this.

While so many of our current climate conversations and solutions revolve around money, the value of our potential success in meeting Biden's goal is priceless.

Laura Winston


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