A duty for health workers

Updated 11/17/2021 9:55 AM

As a retired ICU RN, those who have direct patient contact should be vaccinated. Some say it's a violation of their rights. However, what matters the most is the health and welfare of the patients we are sworn to deliver care to and as such, we should put personal issues aside and be as healthy as we can be when in contact with the sick, especially those who are immunocompromised, which means they are most vulnerable and this means being vaccinated.

There is no evidence that the COVID vaccines are unsafe. In fact, they have proven to be effective and safe. IMO refusing the vaccine but still wanting to be involved in direct patient care is plain selfish. We should always put the best interests of our patients first and the employer is not bound to sign the paycheck for those who refuse to follow this policy.


Ensuring safety for our patients from health care workers is not new. I know of a case where an RN came down with typhoid fever from a trip abroad and had to prove she was free of the bacteria that caused this disease before she could return to the direct patient care. You simply can't take such a chance.

Get vaccinated for your patients and for really all of society. I have and all of my former colleagues I keep up touch with, many RNs and MDs have as well and we are just fine.

Roll up your sleeves. Do it for others if not for yourselves.

Lawrence R. Kopp


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