The price of our freedom

Posted5/12/2021 1:00 AM

Every time there is a "peaceful" protest in Portland and other cities, we pay with a bit of our freedom.

Every time police lives are sacrificed in our cities, we pay with more of our freedom. Every time lives are sacrificed in Chicago and other big cities, we pay with even more of our freedom.


We pay with those who have lost their voice through the media. We pay with the children who won't ever know the peace and comfort of safety from violence. We pay with the loss of the sovereignty we used to take for granted.

Those payments have cost us the comfort of our freedom, the serenity of our safety and our confidence in the future.

We pay with the future of our grandchildren and we pay with our hope for our United States.

I pray for our country and fear that others who come after us will let it slip through their fingers. These payments are too high, and others who think these same "woke" sacrifices are worth it, aren't looking at them closely.

We are putting the finest and greatest country the world has ever known at risk. We must not sit by idly and fiddle, while we watch our beloved country burn.

Diane Eden


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