Schumacher for District 59 school board

Updated 4/6/2021 1:45 PM

I agree with the District 59 teachers in their endorsement of Schumacher, Espino, Mancilla and Sagerer. I have attended and spoken at nearly all the school board meetings from April 2017 until March 2020 and so, like the teachers who have worked with the incumbents, I am in the unique position to know not what they say now, but what they have said and done for the past four years.

I support Mardell Schumacher over board President Janice Krinsky for two main reasons: academics and finances.


In terms of academics, I am a former ESL teacher who agrees with Schumacher over Krinsky that the district's bilingual program should be revised.

The superintendent's bilingual program is not working: the Spanish-speaking students are behind in English when they enter junior high school and are still behind when they enter high school. The Spanish-speaking students are segregated for most of their time in elementary school, and that is not right. These kids are bright and in my 22 years of experience, they can and will succeed if the teachers are allowed to teach them correctly.

With the superintendent leaving soon, we have the chance to make another change. Vote for Mardell Schumacher -- a bright, experienced board member who will listen and stick up for all children and her constituents. All residents benefit from having quality schools in their neighborhoods.

Mary Cosenza Vicars

Arlington Heights

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