Kevin Burns for mayor of Geneva

Updated 4/6/2021 1:45 PM

Compliments to Colin Campbell on his letter to the editor on March 22. We believe he is totally on point concerning the job duties of a mayor and how they differ from that of a CEO of a for-profit business. Challenger Tom Simonian has been a CEO, which takes a "transactional mindset," but this is not a quality that makes a good public servant, like Kevin Burns.

In Tom's professionally produced campaign information and videos, he uses populist phrases, such as "out-of-control spending" and "tax-and-spend" as empty buzzwords and scare tactics. We looked in detail at Tom's "Mayoral Plan 2021-2025." What we found was shocking. Quoting from his plan: "Make key staff positions appointed positions vs. employee positions"; "any and all appointments, especially those in critical positions, will be discussed with all city council, before I make a final decision"; "Present to every employee my vision regarding how the city moving forward will deliver to its citizens, business owners and developers a new culture and way of doing business with Geneva"; and "This culture is going to change and those employees that don't change will be asked to leave and replaced by ones who do."


He prefaces many of these bullet points by denigrating our current mayor throughout.

We urge the residents of Geneva to reject the scare tactics and buzz words and vote for Kevin Burns for mayor.

David and Michelle Johnson


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