Offensive gambling ads

Posted11/29/2020 1:00 AM

Is anyone else as upset as I am about the new commercials for online gambling? I think how those who have a compulsive gambling habit must be affected by these commercials. A "recovered" gambler would feel he/she had succeeded in controlling their habit. They think they just need to stay home and away from the temptation to go to a gambling site.

Then, while watching their favorite shows in the safety of their living room, there is a commercial on television. The commercial tells how easy it is to gamble online. It even gives financial incentives to make up for "losing."


At the end is a disclaimer giving advice for compulsive gamblers and how they can get "Help."

Help? Help would be not to have commercials on television that make gambling appealing, easy, and "harmless". Where have our government representatives gone to allow such material on public TV?

Is there no end to those who want to make more and more money from the suffering of others?

Karen Wagner

Rolling Meadow

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