Electoral college prevents tyranny

Posted11/28/2020 1:00 AM

The Daily Herald has printed a steady stream of negative letters wanting to eliminate or "adjust" the Electoral College.

The brilliant Founding Fathers gave us our Constitution along with the Electoral College. Does anyone writing negatively about the EC think that they are smarter than the Founding Fathers? Really.


The EC is designed to prevent tyranny. There are three forms of tyranny: tyranny by the minority; tyranny by the majority; and philosophical tyranny.

Let's deal with the first two forms. Tyranny by the minority is easily understood as history has many examples. Tyranny by dictators, royalty, oligarchies is tyranny by the minority.

Tyranny by the majority is not as readily seen. It is when the majority totally squelches the minority. Nothing the minority wants comes to fruition. They live under the thumb of the majority.

Our world has many such examples where a minority has few, if any, rights, and society is totally controlled by the majority. Look around the globe where a political party or a religion has total control of society.

Our Founding Fathers understood the potential of such a system and used the Electoral College as one roadblock to prevent or minimize tyranny by the majority. That is why we have a House of Representatives and a Senate; one based on population and one based on geography; because we are a republic and not a democracy.

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Be wary of anyone wanting to make drastic changes to our governmental makeup.

Richard Murdock

North Aurora

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