Let government work

Posted11/21/2020 1:00 AM

What if today's headline were "Three wide-body jets crash," killing 1,500 people? In addition, that headline may possibly be repeated daily for weeks. For sure, the FAA and other federal agencies would step in and stop the carnage just as they did with the 737MAXs.

This is what is happening today, day after day, 1,500 people dying. Not from plane crashes, but with COVID-19. Yet the federal government is not stepping in. Instead, they are just letting the states handle it as best they can. Will you idly stand by as these headlines appear daily? Our federal government is not allowing the proper agency to address the problem and solve it. Instead, they've put politicians in charge, making political statements rather than resolving our problems.


Until the proper federal agency is given the full authority, as the FAA is given, these headlines will continue and many more lives will be lost daily.

We must demand "follow the science," not the politicians. I just hope and pray that this action is not too late.

Don Nish


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